Create your custom event in ActivityTimeline
June 19, 2018
How to Approve a Vacation on a Timeline
June 28, 2018

Vacation Planning in ActivityTimeline

Leave management may seem like a simple process and yet, in reality, we know it’s challenging and the neglect of this resource planning function can lead to troubles in your company. Yes, many companies often find themselves in hot waters when it comes to absence/leave management.

Let’s face it, you need an all-in-one resource planning software that would help you approve and track leaves taken by your employees easily. Below are 5 benefits that will save you time and energy during the leave management process:

Automated leave entries and records

Forget about filing by filling up physical forms. Speed up the resource planning efficiency by reduces the need to manually enter information.

Track employee’s absence

ActivityTimeline allows you to manage people’s vacations and track their availability. This way you know exactly when to expect them at work and when they will be absent.

Full day/ Partial Day-offs

Click on a calendar to create a custom full day or partial day off.

Flexible approval system

Different permission levels in ActivityTimeline, the system would allow your team members to request time off and the managers approve or dismiss it. The confirmed days off appear in the schedule right away.

Public holiday calendar

Create the public holidays to be displayed in the team’s schedule. There is also a possibility to add to add events (Sick Leaves, Holidays, etc.) for all the team members at once and set up a recurring event for repetitive activities.

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