How to Manage Workload on the Teams' Level
How to Manage Workload on the Teams’ Level
February 15, 2021
How to Get a Capacity Report for Your Team in Jira
How to Get a Capacity Report for Your Team in Jira?
March 23, 2021

4 Ways How to Track Time in Jira

4 Ways How to Track Time in Jira

Time tracking is an integral part of successful planning and resource management, but the ways of tracking can significantly differ. That’s why we want to discuss several methods of Jira time tracking.

Track Time in Jira

Users have a possibility to log time in Jira, then they can open filters and add time tracking fields so that they can clearly see the progress on their tasks.

Track time in Jira

Despite the possibility of logging time and understanding spent time on this or that issue, Jira doesn’t provide a dedicated timesheet module. It’s difficult to understand whether tasks are over-, or underestimated. Jira reflects timing data only per issue, it’s impossible to get such information per the specific user. For those, who need a little bit more, we offer a few more options provided by an add-on for Jira – ActivityTimeline.

Individual Time Tracking with ActivityTimeline

The apps’ Work Module provides an opportunity to track time personally. Each user has his/her own cabinet with personal tasks and projects. Observe your capacity, actual workload, and logged hours, and track billable/ non-billable tasks. The in-built time tracker helps to calculate and log worked time in a few clicks.

 Individual Time Tracking

Track Time with ActivityTimeline’s Timesheets

The Timesheet Module was developed especially for advanced time tracking. These timesheets are easy to use, as they work on the principle of the constructor – just choose the needed values, click create and receive comprehensive information. Discover the exact time logged by the specific user:

Time Tracking with timesheets

Understand how much time people spent on the specific issue or project:

Timeline Team Timesheets

This time tracking report by the user can show more complete information. Receive a detailed view of the user’s timesheet with his/her own tasks, projects, and logged hours.

Detailed Team Timesheets

Track Time with Reports

ActivityTimeline provides a great variety of reports. Let’s take a look at the Actual vs Planned Report which helps to compare planned work with the actual execution, as it shows whether tasks are under-, over-, or just perfectly estimated.

ActivityTimeline Actual vs Planned Report

Try different options and choose the best one for yourself. In order to get acquainted with ActivityTimeline deeper Schedule a Demo or Start a Free Trial on the Atlassian Marketplace!

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