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How to Display Jira Tasks in my Outlook Calendar?

How to Display Jira Tasks in my Outlook Calendar

Due to overwhelming globalization and working schedule 24/7 around the globe, it is getting harder to organize your schedule.

Sometimes our daily actions are mixed up and we use numerous tools in order to keep everything under control: notebooks, planners, electronic devices, and different applications, but there is a possibility that all of that will confuse you someday.

There is good news for you! Activity Timeline can be integrated with other external calendars, for example, Google, Outlook, or Apple calendars. You can easily combine work and personal schedules and clearly see all of the forthcoming tasks and events in one place.

Display Jira Tasks in Outlook Calendar

ActivityTimeline and Google Calendar integration

Display Jira tasks in Google calendar

You are welcome to check our brief guide about the integration of Activity Timeline and Outlook Calendar.

In order to build your Timeline into the Outlook Calendar, follow the next steps:

1. Firstly, go into your Jira and click on the Activity Timeline (AT) field, situated on the left panel. This action will lead you to the AT menu, which contains 3 sections :

  • The Main Dashboard with four Modules ( Plan, Work, Track, Report)
  • The Administration Panel
  • Help section

2. We are interested in the Administration panel. Click on Account field and after the opening of your profile, find an External Calendar Integration field. After clicking on it, you will see an empty field and a couple of options. Choose – Renew Calendar Link in order to generate a unique iCal data feed URL. Copy this link and proceed with the Outlook Calendar.


3. Open your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and click on Open Calendar and select ‘Add Calendar’ -> ‘From Internet‘. Paste the previously copied URL into the blank field and click ”OK and then ‘Yes’ buttons. Jira tasks and custom events scheduled on your timeline will appear in Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

ActivityTimeline and  Outlook Integration process


ActivityTimeline and Outlook integration set up process

Connect ActivityTimeline with Outlook Calendar


4. Then you will have different options. You may turn off/on your AT schedule within the frames of the Outlook Calendar, with the help of the left panel. You may also combine your calendars or have only one of them displayed on the screen.

To know more about ActivityTimeline useful features schedule a Demo on ActivityTimeline.comĀ or get a free trial version.

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