Most Popular Activity Timeline Reports

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November 18, 2017
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March 16, 2018

Most Popular Activity Timeline Reports

     Planning Reports — a set of reports generated based on the remaining time estimate. The system will use remaining time estimate of JIRA tickets to gather the information about assignees, their capacity, and build the workload reports based on it

     How it can help you:

     Person’s or Team Summary/Detailed Workload Report provides you with summary/detailed report of person’s or team’s workload.

     Project Summary/Detailed Workload Report display summary/detailed report of a total number of hours planned per each project.

      Skill Availability Report presents report based on the skill availability of member in the team.

      Skill / Level Availability Report designs report based on the skill or level availability in the organization.

     Person/Team Availability Report allows seeing the number of available hours (or percentage) per person or team.

     Position Availability Report creates the report based on the position of the member in the team.

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