How to Encourage Your Employees to Log Time in Jira
How to Encourage Your Employees to Log Time in Jira?
December 21, 2020
Managing Multiple Teams in Jira
Managing Multiple Teams in Jira
February 1, 2021

Jira Long-Term Planning

Jira Long - Term Planning

Everyone needs a “big picture“ while setting both short-, and long-term objectives. It’s like a puzzle game – you need to fold different tasks and manage resources in such a way, that you receive a coherent picture at the end. Unfortunately, users can’t get such a picture in Jira as it doesn’t provide clear visibility. They can’t see the final point of the project, it’s challenging to plan in a long timeframe, as Jira doesn’t provide any kind of build-in calendar.

So, it’s vital to have a kind of planning calendar or timeline for every user, which will reflect the ongoing and future plans, but is flexible and allows changing them in few clicks as future plans are unstable and need correction.

Plan for Long Terms with ActivityTimeline

This Jira add-on contains both calendar&timeline, reflects resources&plans on the dashboard. The manager can understand who will do what and when effortlessly. The data is fully synchronized with Jira, and any changes to Jira tasks like dates or assignees will be reflected in the app automatically.

The Main Dashboard in ActivityTimeline
Choose between various periods and start planning. Book resources for the potential activities with the help of Bookings or Placeholders, which help to allocate people. They work as resource reservations without a need to create Jira tasks, which is especially handy when the plan is in the early stages and the whole scope of work is not yet known.
 Later, when the overall plan is made and you’ve set the workflow, you can unassign bookings/placeholders, or transfer this information to Jira. If you use placeholders, you can easily create a Jira task from them by approving a placeholder.
 Get the complete overview of the resources’ workload/availability – both teams’ and personal.
Availability and Workload in ActivityTimeline
ActivityTimeline provides a variety of planning reports. Resource Workload Report helps with the visualization of resource utilization. Choose the needed period and observe:
Resource workload Report in ActivityTimeline
Summary Resource Workload Report in ActivityTimeline
Are not sure yet? Just try Demo or get a free trial in order to know more about ActivityTimeline’s useful features.

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