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4 Ways How to Track Time in Jira
March 2, 2021
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5 Scenarios How You Can Plan Work in Jira
March 16, 2021

How to Understand the Daily Workload of Users?

How to Understand the Daily Workload of Users_

This is a crucial question for those teams that have long-term objectives and long-lasting tasks for weeks, days, or even years. ActivityTimeline provides an overview for Users’ & Teams’ workloads with its workload indicator, but what if that’s not enough? What if you need to dive a bit deeper?

The default indicator doesn’t go into details for each task, doesn’t describe how much time will take this or that task every day. Our team developed a new Person per task detailed workload report in order to help you with the management of the users’ workloads on the detail level. It also helps with the clear prioritization of long-lasting tasks.

For example, we generate this report and get a detailed picture of the Sample Team workload for a month.

It’s obvious, that Bob is overloaded. With the help of the report, we can see how much time takes each task assigned to Bob. After that, the Manager checks a budget of time for the specific type of work and reorganizes tasks.

We need Bob to pay more attention ( 6 hours/day ) to the task “New Website for Grant. Co“, and only 2 hours for the “iOS version of IK app”. In order to do that, we can split “iOS version of IK app” and assign the issue part for the same user, but for a later month, for example for June, when he has more free time:

After that the Manager generates a new report and receives the wanted result:

Get more ideas for your efficient workload management there – How to Manage Workload on the Teams’ Level?

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