How to Manage Remote Employees?

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May 27, 2020
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June 16, 2020

How to Manage Remote Employees?

How to manage employees working from home? It is a little bit challenging but this is not as scary as it may seem at first glance! A lot of teams nowadays prefer to work remotely and that’s nothing new for the business world. Tracking remote workers is another point of concern, as it is very important to find a proper software for remote planning & collaboration

We are glad to introduce you an ActivityTimeline for remote resource planning and tracking.


Remote Employee Management 

Manage your remote teams effectively with ActivityTimeline for Jira. The key benefits:

  1. An online calendar with wide customization possibilities

  2. Advanced resource management and time tracking

  3. Tracking of employees’ and projects’ progress

  4. Visualisation of the workflow

  5. Multi timezone support

The Main Dashboard of the application is like a team work desk, where you can find all projects with their tasks as well as available resources, both individuals and teams. Here you can assign tasks to preferable assignee by simple drag-n-drop function. Choose different scope, set desirable time frames and control resources workload.

Employees have a possibility to log worked hours for the transparency. The application also gives a possibility to assign user position or skills, making your resources discovery effortless.


Dealing with the Time Zones

It is a common problem for freelancers who are working from different countries to agree on time because of the time zones. Different time zones may cause some misunderstanding, communication troubles and undesirable delays.

With the assistance of ActivityTimeline you will not face such inconvenience, as app provides time zones synchronization. ActivityTimeline should automatically deal with the time zones and display the task scheduled on the same day no matter if it was scheduled in US or Europe.The application automatically adds a time shift that compensates a difference in time zones.

Tasks, appeared on the Timeline are shown for everyone within the correct time frames, despite being in different corners of the world. There is also a possibility to create teams based on location, at your preference.


Complete visualization 

Working with remote team mates requires a coherent picture of all processes. You’re lucky, as ActivityTimeline provides this opportunity! It also allows to see the future plans and some may even concern your and remote staff’s arrangements.

For example, the whole team needs to meet for the sprint planning meeting. Just schedule this event on the Timeline and it will be visible for every employee and no one will forget.

With the help of the custom events you may create every event that is needed: calls, meetings, flights, stand ups even a team building! Employees, working remotely, will be aware of  all of the scheduled events.


How to Track Remote Employees 

Efficient work cannot exist without efficient tracking. Progress and time tracking is very important, as it prevents from the waste of the resources and clearly shows the efficiency of the workload.

The application have a great option of Timesheets. As employees can log work, Timesheet tracking shows how many hours they spent in a day and on the specific tasks.Manager can approve or disapprove logged hours.

Timeline representation of worklogs allow to get the whole picture team’s work. Easy to understand if everyone submitted their worked hours correctly for all required days.Create Timesheet reports on weekly/monthly basis to make sure team stays on track with the schedule.

If you need to know more about the resources’ workload and progress you are welcome to check more about the Reporting section and different types of reports for your advanced tracking.

Manage remote teams efficiently from anywhere in the world with ActivityTimeline.

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