How to Display Additional Assignees in Jira
How to Display Additional Assignees in Jira?
September 7, 2020
How to Track Project Teams in Jira
How to Track Project Teams in Jira?
September 22, 2020

How to Handle Multiple Teams Simultaneously?

How to Handle Multiple Teams Simultaneously

It’s a common thing that manager works on multiple projects at a time. As a result, they always try to find the best solutions for successful project management. Lots of them use great Jira benefits and enjoy them. But when it comes to leading 5 projects simultaneously an inconvenience arises: they need to manage resources and tasks but it’s hard to get a comprehensive picture in Jira. Users have to switch between boards and sprints every time, as a result, they get lost and confused.

The key feature which you need while managing multiple projects is a clear visualization of the workflow. What if we say that users can get a single Dashboard with all of the projects and tasks as well as Individual and Team Timelines?

ActivityTimeline gives a clear picture of who is doing what and how long, represents team and individual workloads, reflects the projects’ progress and resource availability. Assign and create Jira issues directly from the Dashboard, observe all resources and issues connected to the specific projects, and understand their success, distribute workload most pleasantly to avoid over-, or underload.

Management of multiple teams should not be a struggle, so ActivityTimeline delivers extensive visualization in order to help to manage your teams effectively.

Another “ must-have” while managing multiple projects is reporting. Reports help to understand some values which cannot be seen with the naked eye and to improve your productivity. App provides many of them: Workload, Worklog, Planned vs Actual Reports, and many others. They are unique, users can bookmark and share them with their colleagues and export them to Excel files.

Let’s take a use case. The user is assigned to 2 projects equally, she needs to pay 50% of the time to one and 50% to another project. With the help of the Project Resources Report, we can see, how much of Gwen’s time is dedicated to both projects.

The report has shown, the time is not distributed properly and Design Project takes too much of Gwen’s time, so it should be fixed and she will pay attention to another project respectfully.

ActivityTimeline also offers timesheeting features. With the help of timesheets, you will understand how much time employees have spent on the specific task and project and estimate future undertakings even better.

As we can see, Project Resources Report helps us to get an overall plan of how much time will be spent on the specific project while Timesheets show how much time was spent in fact. All of these analyses are crucially helpful when you manage multiple teams and projects at once.

Handle several teams simultaneously effortlessly with the help of ActivityTimeline and discover how to track your dispersed teams with pleasure.

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