ActivityTimeline and Tempo Planner Comparison
ActivityTimeline and Tempo Planner Comparison
April 6, 2020
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April 27, 2020

ActivityTimeline – a Single Source of Truth for Remote Teams

ActivityTimeline – a Single Source of Truth for Remote Teams

A single source of truth is always needed but because of the pandemic circumstances, remote businesses need this even more than it was previously. The reasons are clear:

  • A need for the transparent work environment
  • A coherent picture of the ongoing processes
  • Ability to see  progress in real-time as well as a possibility to build future plans and strategies


Regular meetings are enough?

Frankly speaking, they not only resolve some challenges but create even more of them. 

After a couple of productive meetings team members feel that they know what exactly to do, but after some time people realize that discussion results are not clear and tasks are not distributed, so they are confused,  need more consultations which lead to new individual and group meetings. All of this takes precious time and undesirable delays. 

In this case, a reliable source of information is highly needed and we can suggest a solution that will help to build long-term plans, distribute work to your teams, and keep your tasks updated.


ActivityTimeline – issues in the palm of your hand

ActivityTimeline is a resource planning add – on for Jira which focuses attention on people, not on tasks, but at the same time helps to gather and structure issues in the same place, provides a transparent vision of all tasks and projects, as well as shows resources and their ongoing or planned activities.

Due to the aforementioned features, this app will become a reliable source of truth for the whole company and will show who is doing what and how long.

Functionality is wide and offers numerous practical features for efficient planning and tracking:

1. Planning Dashboard

It is the main storage of tasks, which shows current Jira projects/ issues and allows to create new ones. Distant teams see the ongoing activities and plans, but this access can be configured as to various user permissions. The application is a planner, which facilitates managers in scheduling and assigning tasks, in the tracking of issues’ and teams’ progress.

2. Cross-project view

A cross-project view for shared resources eases life as it facilitates resource/capacity planning activities. Users receive transparent visualization and see who is responsible for specific tasks. That’s quite important for remote teams and provides a single source of information which helps not to have misunderstandings in the future, as everything is visible.

3. Position & Skills

In a distant collaboration, it’s ( quite alike during the in-office work) quite complicated to find the right person to complete some task, but the plugin provides User positions and even Custom skills for your convenience. As for now, searching for resources is not such a headache and is more efficient.

4. Personal Workspace for employees

We noted that due to current “home working” we struggle to divide working and relaxing hours. With the help of ActivityTimeline, managers and team members can track their workload and worklog. In such a way, they will be able to avoid over-, or underload. It is visible on the Main Dashboard or in the Personal cabinet, which provides users their own tasks, time spent on them and allows logging time.

5. Split task between multiple users

Sometimes tasks are too complicated for one person so many companies prefer to share the same task between several people and in such a way they ease employee’s work and task completion takes much less time.

The Multi Assign feature is very facilitating but Jira lacks it, so we implemented this highly – demanded feature into the app. Divide issues among multiple users and days without an effort. 

6. Integration with external calendars

Enjoy integration with Google, Outlook, and Apple 


Custom events – no more headaches with vacations 

This feature applies not only to vacations but to other repeatedly occurring  situations:

  • Bookings – allow to reserve person for certain numbers of hours per day without specifying exact Jira tasks
  • Vacations / Sick leaves – see who is not available and do not count on them
  • Day offs – can be a full day or partial
  • Holiday – create custom holidays for the desired teams or individuals
  • Placeholder – used for trying different planning scenarios without actually changing Jira issues. Approving the Placeholder creates an actual Jira task
  • Leave Notes, Text tasks, and Goals for personal without affecting the user’s capacity.
  • Create your own custom events for greater comfort e.g: online meetings or conferences, etc.

In current conditions, custom events are helping to manage resources in the best possible way.


Timesheets and Reporting – get evidence of transparent workflow 

First of all, tracking hours spent on specific tasks is always necessary and in a case when teams are dispersed it is a must to log time in order to understand the workload. App gives an opportunity to approve or disapprove timesheets and create Detail Team Timesheets on specific projects.

Reporting section offers a great variety of reports, including the most popular ones :

  • Planned vs Actual report
  • Detailed Worklog report
  • Resource Workload report and others


ActivityTimeline is a great source of truth for the whole company. It provides a big picture of the workflow, transparent control, and task sharing. Moreover, high-level customization allows to configure the application according to your specific needs at any time.

Be on the same level of understanding as your colleagues in order to move in the same direction, despite the distance.

Keep closer to your teams with ActivityTimeline.

If you are experiencing issues with the management of remote teams you may check some helpful tips about remote collaboration.

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