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August 5, 2020
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6 Most Useful Utilities for Jira in 2020

Jira is known as a great platform for software companies, which provides a wide range of possibilities for software teams. Such a statement is true, but it’s not complete. Jira is no longer narrowly focused on the IT industry, it transformed into a flexible platform for teams of every type, size, and objectives. It doesn’t matter, whether you know what is bug-testing or sprint planning, as Jira satisfies various needs of non-technical teams.  

Have you ever noticed that small changes can bring out huge results? The same is true with applications, some seemingly small plugins can bring about a huge difference in the day-to-day workflow. For example, did you know that by reducing the number of emails, a company of 100 people can save up to half a million dollars per year! Crazy, right?

So we have prepared for you a list of such cool utilities that can provide great value for your organization. We are glad to introduce you the most Popular Utilities for Jira Server/Data Center, which will undoubtedly ease your working process:

  1. Agile Poker for Jira – planning & estimation 

  2. Email Digest 

  3. Find Duplicates

  4. Elements Connect (formerly nFeed)

  5. ProForma: Forms & Checklist for Jira

  6. SAML Single Sign On (SSO) Jira SAML SSO


Agile Poker for Jira-Planning & Estimation 

Our first application is most suitable exactly for the software teams and teams who are using scrum methodologies and calculate estimates in story points. Poker eases your future backlog grooming with a previous accurate estimation of tasks. The plugin provides an interactive and simple dashboard.

It is a great assistant for the remote teams and collocated teams, as it allows to set clear estimates distantly as well as to involve team members in the process. Users can leave their own comments and thoughts concerning the evaluation.

Discover more information on Atlassian Marketplace.


Email Notifications Digest 

Email Notifications Digest is the perfect solution for those who are tired of dozens Jira emails per day. Choose your time and receive just a few emails with the most important updates in your Jira. Moreover,  you can choose updates to be sent, establish your own notification schedule, and exclude unnecessary info.

Also, you can group the updates done to 1 issue into a single email, so you no longer receive 5 emails just for updating one task.

Discover more information on Atlassian Marketplace.


Find Duplicates

Jira issues have a tendency to accumulate and sooner or later the duplicated issues start to appear. This creates confusion and inconveniences.

Tired of finding and closing duplicated tickets in your system? The application helps to prevent the creation of issue duplicates in your Jira, Service Desk, Zephyr, and SynapseRT.  It allows to see the potential duplicates while the user creates a new issue and automatically shows potential duplicates when the user creates the links between issues. Application is approved for Data Center and works smoothly even on large instances with 20000+ users and 1,5M+ issues.

Discover more information on Atlassian Marketplace.


Elements Connect (formerly nFeed)

The next application allows to customize Jira due to your needs by transferring the external data inside. There is no need to search for the necessary information for a long time, as well as being afraid of making a mistake.

This app helps to set up a connection between different platforms, where data is stored, and brings it directly into Jira, where the very operations exist.

It gets the necessary information and builds inside the custom Jira fields. Import data from everywhere – SQL database or various cloud services. Display updated results in Jira custom fields and choose how it will be displayed – separately for agents and customers.

Discover more information on Atlassian Marketplace.


SAML Single Sign On (SSO) Jira SAML SSO

This app is great for teams of every size and type who use lots of platforms and are fed up with millions of passwords for different accounts, which could be easily forgotten.

SSO – is a single sign-on that allows the user to switch from one system to another without re-authentication. Users can log in just once, then access the applications without a must to log in to each one separately.

Strengthen your security and improve user management automation with Jira SAML SSO.

Discover more information on Atlassian Marketplace. 


ProForma: Forms & Checklist for Jira

ProForma eases the life of users, who are not willing to waste time with Jira configuration. Build your forms without complex operations and custom fields. App provides hundreds of form templates, dynamic forms and checklists, a comfortable confluence-like editor, and different views for agents and users.

Structure your data and collect only the right information, add forms to issues, and edit them even after the issue creation, enjoy validation features.

Discover more information on Atlassian Marketplace.

Check out the most popular and useful utilities for Jira, start free trials, and choose the ones which will fit your working schemes.

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