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May 12, 2021
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Jira Multiple Teams and One Project – How to Plan Work?

One project multiple teams

Resource planning in Jira includes various collaboration techniques – multiple teams working on several projects, or one team working on a single project.

What if you have multiple teams all working on the same Jira project? You might have heard of this scenario. It’s not uncommon that a Jira project equals a product, so several teams work on the big features that are not connected but are the product parts.

This is why we’ve decided to help you out by providing you with a simple and effective solution on how you can manage Multiple Jira Teams and a Single Project in the best way. Read our guide to learn how to manage a single project in Jira, but with multiple teams working on it.

Manage Multiple Teams within a Single Project with ActivityTimeline

A resource management tool must help to stay on the same page with various users, especially when it comes to working within a single project. ActivityTimeline is a resource management app for Jira that covers such needs.

Sometimes managers need the additional help of the add-ons when it comes to resource planning in Jira, so we want to share great resource management tips on how to plan with ActivityTimeline.

The app provides a planning dashboard with users’ timelines that show who is doing what and when. You can switch between different views with a help of the Team Panel – observe only user/team timelines, or receive a combined view.

In case of a single project and multiple teams working on it, we can use epics as sub-projects for a bigger scope of work and create epic sub-tasks. That will ease task management and navigation. Let’s imagine, that we have Android and iOS teams working with the same-named sub-projects within a single project.

Enjoy advanced epic management in ActivityTimeline. If a user clicks on the epic dialogue he/she receives an expanded view of the epic progress, estimate, and sub-tasks:

Epic Management with ActivityTimeline

Schedule tasks directly from the epic dialogue so you’ll not lose anything:

Track Multiple Teams within a Single Project

The resource management app for Jira also covers users’ needs in tracking and timesheets. ActivityTimeline’s reporting module helps to understand users’ activity and worked hours even if all of the teams work on a single project.

Just choose the needed values: time frames, teams, and type of the timesheet report, you can even group timesheets by epics for your convenience:

Track multiple teams within a single project with Timeline team timesheets

Management of multiple teams within a single project in Jira is a common situation and it’s not problematic if you have the right resource management tool. With the help of epics, you can divide big volumes of work and assign teams to them.

Enjoy resource planning in Jira and discover more useful resource management tips with us! Have you heard about How to Understand Jira Resource Utilization?

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