How to get cross-project view for shared resources in Jira?

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March 6, 2019
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October 3, 2019

How to get cross-project view for shared resources in Jira?

Have you ever got lost in a tone of tasks and projects trying to find the right team to complete those tasks?

It is very annoying, when you cannot get a proper visualization of capacity of the resources, as well as the amount of work which must be done. Activity Timeline is very useful in such cases, as it helps you to get a clear understanding of the work process and allows you to fold all the scattered puzzles into a coherent picture.

When you need to get a clear view of cross-projects for shared resources, just open Activity Timeline and choose a Plan module. The first thing you see, is a Main Dashboard and an Issues Panel (a column on the left side of the page).

Default view can be configured and changed through one of the four tabs. The available tabs are Filters, Group, Sort and Extra. We need to pay attention to Group tab, as it allows us to group issues by different characteristics. You may change panels in the bottom of the column by clicking on needed section. For example, if you choose section Priority, you will see tickets sorted from the highest to the lovest priority.

If you choose the Project section, you will see all of your projects in progress at the very bottom of the Issues Panel. Fields of projects contain names of projects, project keys and the amount of the project-related tickets. You can open all of the tasks by clicking on the panel of any project.

When you go to the Main Dashboard, there is a field Team at the top of the page. By clicking on the arrow on the right side of the field, you will open a window, which contains all of the available teams. The main trick is that there is a possibility to choose one or multiple teams simultaneously, moreover, you can search for specific team, person or even position or skill.

You can choose certain team by checking the box near the team name. Members of chosen teams will be shown on the left side of the Main Dashboard. There you can also find the capacity and workload of each person, which significantly eases your forecasting.

After choosing the right team, you can easily drag-n-drop tasks from the projects and assign these tasks to any team member as well as unassign/unschedule tasks with the help of the Main Dashboard.

Clear vision and simplicity of using is the best formula of efficient work process.

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