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June 30, 2020
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August 5, 2020

Panel for Jira Team: Board Overview

Team Panel Overview

In the ever-evolving landscape of project management and task tracking, Jira software has emerged as a cornerstone platform, offering an array of tools designed to streamline workflows and amplify overall productivity. In the realm of project management and task tracking, Jira software has established itself as a leading platform, offering a plethora of features to streamline workflows and boost productivity. One of its standout functionalities is the concept of teams, allowing users to organize themselves around common objectives, tasks, and multiple projects. These teams become the building blocks of efficient project execution. However, within this dynamic framework, a critical element has long been absent, until now.

With the release of the new ActivityTimeline v7.6, we open to the public long-awaited feature Team Panel.

Creating Jira Board for Your Team

While Jira software enables users to associate with teams and offers the means to create and track team-related information on boards and user profiles, a notable gap exists when it comes to holistic team visibility. The platform does not provide a straightforward method for users to gain comprehensive insights into the activities and progress of entire teams. Furthermore, the absence of workload calculations that seamlessly transition from individual users to the collective team level hinders the platform’s potential for accurate resource management.

Enter the Team Panel: Charting New Horizons in Collaboration

Its main objective is to help users to plan on different levels within the short- and long-term periods. The team panel provides complete planning & scheduling flexibility as well as a high-quality visualization of all processes at all stages.

The team panel’s hierarchy is built in the following way:

  • Teams

  • Teams with Users

  • Users

Let’s look at each of them in more detail below.

1st Level – Teams

This level enables users to plan and attain a high-level visibility for entire teams, rather than individual resources. It’s a perfect choice when you need to plan and manage the workflow for multiple teams at a time. Long-term planning is simple and fast, choose different scopes, months, and quarters to your taste.

A multi-functional workload indicator shows particular data about teams’ available capacity and their current workload. Workload indicator is available in Hours, Days & Percentages (By default this feature is turned off).

The Team mode is just an excellent option for upscale planning for the department or for the whole company, as it allows to scheduling of a large amount of workload, like Epics or Program Increments to the whole team. In this way manager does not need to allocate it to individual resources, it is possible in other modes.

Assign task to the whole team with ActivityTimeline

As for now, you can schedule any Jira issue type to Team Panel as well as use ‘Note’ event types that are local to ActivityTimeline.

2nd Level – Teams with Users

The next mode allows receiving a better understanding of the future workflow for a single team. Here users can see a comprehensive plan and tasks for the specific team. It shows a Team Panel of the selected team and the working schedule for all of the team members.

This mode is very opportune for combining the long-term plans with actual performance. Users can observe actual Epics or Features assigned to the team and schedule related issues.

3rd  Level – Users

This one is pretty familiar, as it is a classic ActivityTimeline overview that gives a possibility to plan & track the work of the individuals by simple drag’n’drop:

The use case for this option remains the same as it was with the classic ActivityTimeline when it was all about resource planning and appropriate visibility of the users’ activity. With the help of this mode, you can effortlessly identify the workload of every software project team member and his/her availability for future periods.

ActivityTimeline planning dashboard

Embrace the Future of Collaborative Planning

The Team Panel marks a monumental stride in enhancing Jira’s collaborative potential. By addressing the long-standing gap in team visibility and workload calculation, this feature propels Jira software into a new era of software project management. Whether you’re orchestrating multi-team endeavors or fine-tuning individual contributions, the Team Panel empowers users with unprecedented insights and strategic planning capabilities.

Enjoy new features as well as simple planning on different levels.

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