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June 16, 2020
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Top Popular Reports for Jira

Successful planning always needs proper evaluation of the workflow, previous or current. With a clear understanding of the process, team leaders can set future objectives and time frames as reports show the results of the performed work. Reporting and planning are going hand in hand, so we want to cover several popular reports for your outstanding planning.


Reports in Jira

There are useful reports available for Jira users.  Jira provides 3 reporting categories – agile, issue analysis, forecast & management, and others. They facilitate agile and business teams and help to analyze previous work and forecast future undertakings.

Burndown Chart in Jira allows to predict whether the team will finish its work in time. It shows an amount of completed and remaining work during the sprint or epic. Moreover, it helps to inform the team about the changes in the work scope.

These charts are facilitative in analyzing the teams’ work. For example,  with the help of the chart, you can see that team is always finishing its work very quickly and the main concern may be that team members take less work during the sprint planning than they should take.

But the situation may be vice versa. If a team is always late and cannot complete tasks in time, it means that members are overloaded and this issue must be fixed. When you have rapid falls in the diagram it means that work was not evenly distributed and it was evaluated in the wrong way.

The Burndown chart is also useful for sprint planning. If the team keeps pace and confirms its speed every time, with the help of the reports you can determine how much work it can complete for each sprint.

Very often there it’s needed to have reports for tracking user activity, work logs, and reports about epic progress. As we can see, Jira presents different reports for different needs, but sometimes they’re not enough and not as detailed as users need, especially if we’re searching for resource reports.


ActivityTimeline and Reporting Facilities 

While Jira provides mostly project reports for its users, ActivityTimeline app‘s reports are mostly focused on Resources. ActivityTimeline is more focused on resource management & planning and has a variety of different reports with customizations for short and long periods of time.

Resource Workload Report presents a person’s workload both in hours & percentages for a specified period of time. This report is extremely useful as it shows the total workload of team members and avoids over-, or underload. Enjoy a proper visualization of the resources’ workload and effortlessly manage your teams.

Project Resources Report shows how resources are scheduled per project for a specified period of time. It is a high-level report and is very facilitative when you have numerous projects. It shows the number of hours and resources who are dedicated to the projects. The report clearly reflects team members’ involvement in different projects.

Planned vs Actual report compares expected results with actual execution of tasks/projects. It is very important to have such analysis because it shows if tasks and project overall is getting estimated in the right way as well as whether there is any problem with a particular issue that is causing the whole project to deviate from the plan. This report allows to analyze whether expectations are justified and to plan the workflow better in order to avoid waste of time and resources.

Reporting is a crucial part of efficient work and shouldn’t be neglected. ActivityTimeline offers a great variety of reports for the users’ convenience, starting from the time tracking reports to reports with statistics for projects.

Plan and track with ease and ActivityTimeline.

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