Why Does Jira Migrate to Cloud
Why Does Jira Migrate to Cloud?
November 30, 2020
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December 16, 2020

6 Most Popular Team Planning Add-ons for Jira Cloud – Updated in 2023

6 Most Popular Team Planning Add-ons for Jira Cloud in 2021

As Jira transitions from Jira Server to the Cloud, it’s vital to be informed about the best cloud Jira apps available on the Marketplace, so we want to introduce you team planning add – ons for Jira, which are the most helpful and popular ones in order to keep you up to date and prepared for a new priority for Atlassian Jira – Cloud Hosting.

1. ActivityTimeline for Jira Cloud


Efficient resource planning&tracking for shared teams within cross – projects. It suits agile& non-technical teams, both remote and in-office ones. Receive a high-level visualization of the workflow on teams’ and individual levels, all of the data is connected with Jira and respectively reflected on the app’s dashboard. Observe the project&issue progress, resource availability&workload, track deadlines, and assign tasks in one click.

Effortless vacation/holiday management, customizable working schemes, user skills with different levels, user positions, custom events, and integration with external calendars. Provide your employees with a personal workplace where they can track their own tasks and time. Users can also log work and choose between billable&non-billable hours, which will be reflected in the timesheets section. Track resources with the help of timesheet reports, approve/disapprove work. Get useful reports in order to discover info about resources’ workload, planned work vs actual execution, and other meaningful data.

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2. Structure – Project Management at Scale for Jira Cloud


This application for those who need a strong order in every simple process. It helps to stabilize chaos and understand all of the workflows in Jira. Gather overall data stored in Jira and transform it into meaningful portfolio – level hierarchies. It is mostly used by agile teams, but if you need a cross-project view and reporting, it will also suit your needs.

Track everything in real-time in from single place. A structure can be created to your taste, add different indicators, group data by priority, status, assignee, team, and other values. Add as many hierarchy stages as you like, with no limits. Create different reports for management and tracking.

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3. WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira Cloud


Gantt charts for busy professionals. Perfectly suits those PMOs who are used to MS projects as its interface is quite familiar and gives a possibility to import/export MS project tasks. App provides a wide visualization of the workflow, allows to create task structures, build dependencies, move between different scales, and manage resources.

Create charts from Jira projects/filters. All of the project tasks are reflected in tables, with a possibility to assign users, set start&finish dates, issues progress. On this data, users can immediately build dependencies and save everything and it will be reflected in Jira. Observe your resources’ workload and progress. Enjoy critical path view, milestones, and delayed task alerts.

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4. Easy Agile User Story Maps for Jira Cloud

Easy Agile

A great teams apps, specially for agile teams, as it comes from the name. Story maps are very clear and simple for understanding. The dashboard reflects sprints, epics, stories, and is fully synchronized with Jira data, so users can import existing or create new Jira issues. Users can effortlessly observe the number of tasks in a story or epic, their current progress, estimation&underestimation.

Users can track the teams’ velocity across sprints and versions with the help of special indicators. Enjoy the accurate sprint statistics, control, and predict delivery. A flat backlog is transformed into a clear picture, everything is ordered chronologically, so the customer’s journey with all stages is visible.

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5. BigPicture for Jira Cloud


BigPicture provides more complex and scalable planning of projects/resources. It helps to create a great portfolio for big scope, with programs and various projects, which are available in one place. App provides Roadmapping, Resources&Teams, Risks Management, and Reports. Assign tasks, observe the project&users progress and availability.

Gantt charts are also here! Perfectly developed for agile teams, but it is also suitable for teams with other working methodologies like waterfall or hybrid styles. Charts give a breakdown structure, users can use story points, set estimates, and log time. It also helps to calculate planned vs spent time directly on the dashboard. Data is connected and reflected in Jira and vice versa.

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6. Tempo Planner for Jira Cloud

Tempo Planner

This application is a visualization tool that helps users to find resources based on team, role, and availability. Its planning dashboard is simple, suitable for task scheduling and shows all of your teams and users and their current tasks. Observe the resources’ capacity in order to create greater future plans and don’t overwhelm employees with work.

Tempo Planner imports data from Jira, there is no possibility to create tasks directly from the app, but users can enjoy internal issues, as well as vacation/holiday management. User roles, permission, and integration with other calendars are also here. Reporting provides a possibility to understand resource capacity, reports are customizable and can be exported or shared. Time tracking isn’t available, only with the installed for an additional price Tempo Timesheets.

If you are interested in more ActivityTimeline’s and Tempo Planner’s features, you may check one more article –  ActivityTimeline and Tempo Planner features comparison.

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