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May 7, 2020
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How to integrate ActivityTimeline with BigPicture or BigGantt?

How to integrate ActivityTimeline with BigPicture or BigGantt

ActivityTimeline provides great integration possibilities. Earlier, we’ve covered integrations with external calendars ( Google and Outlook) and today we are going to integrate with the products of the well-known PPM company Software Plant – BigPicture and BigGantt.

We will learn how to integrate ActivityTimeline with two popular add-ons from SoftwarePlant in less than 5 minutes.

1. If you already have BigPicture / BigGantt installed in your Jira, go to Jira Settings->Issues->Search for Start/End dates field & make sure it’s added to all the screens. It is very important because it will be impossible to take any action in case custom fields are not added to all screens.


2. Then you go to Configuration inside ActivityTimeline -> Jira integration page-> You need to map Start/End date fields from BigGantt / BigPicture to our Planned Start/End Dates fields. Move to the Synchronization tab in ActivityTimeline & do full synchronization:


3. After these actions ActivityTimeline & BigGantt / BigPicture should be in sync and any change in one of the add-on will trigger the respective change in the other one.

Let’s check how ActivityTimeline works with BigPicture after all of the taken actions:

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