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How to Discover That You Lack Project Resources?

Jira capacity planning is not easy, especially for big companies with numerous projects and many resources: people, equipment, and facilities. Before starting a project, we plan the resources we need and assign people to tasks according to their skills and abilities.

Project management is not always a simple thing to do as there are a lot of things to consider during the planning and execution. Some of these factors must be considered right from the beginning and some factors come up during the project path, but the Manager always needs to understand whether the project lacks resources or not.

Luckily, with ActivityTimeline, a resource capacity planning app, resource allocation became effortless.

ActivityTimeline: The Resource Capacity Planning

Let’s take an example of the company with a new project estimated with a certain number of working hours. PM starts to allocate resources and needs 5 employees to be assigned to the project. The app allows creating the internal events and resources, which is very useful during the planning of potential assignees and tasks.

As far as we can see, the team lacks one developer, so the PM can see that and start searching for the needed resource.

If you have multiple projects, you need to track them especially carefully, as it is easy to get confused with tones of data. The resource lack can arise not only at the beginning of the project but during the working process, e.g. if some users are overloaded with work and you need to assign new people to the project. So, our main steps are:

  • Find out whether resources are overloaded with work

  • Create and group the needed potential resources

  • Reassign tasks to a new resource

First step. Jira capacity planning become effortless with ActivityTimeline, as it provides various reports for your convenience. If you want to discover the resource under/overload, you just need to generate our resource utilization report:

Freya is overloaded and needs help, so we need to find an additional designer for the project.

Second step. We create the potential resource in AcivityTimeline and assign a tag “The needed resource“ to it. In the future, it will help when the manager wants to see all of the existing resource needs. We can search it in the search field:

or create a Dynamic Team, based on the skill “The needed resource”. A new team of the Needed Resources will be formed and you can always control the overall resource lack.

Third step. So, when we actually found the lacking resource, we can replace the virtual resource with a real one, and reassign tasks to that resource. ActivityTimeline provides a great feature of the “Bulk Reschedule”, so we can simply reassign tasks:

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