How to Track Epics in Jira
How to Track Epics in Jira?
April 26, 2021
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Jira Multiple Teams and One Project – How to Plan Work?
May 17, 2021

How to Understand You Estimated Project Incorrectly with Jira and ActivityTimeline?

How to understand that you estimated project incorrectly

Planning in Jira and project estimation always go hand in hand. Firstly you need to estimate projects correctly, secondly to distribute work effectively between the team members, as a result, the project will be delivered on time.

That sounds like a great plan, but we need to consider that project estimation is a challenging task that needs accuracy, project&team awareness, and a great tool that will help you keep your hand on the pulse of the project and will show whether we are staying within the estimated task frames.

Estimate Tasks & Projects in Jira

Atlassian’s Jira has proven itself as the best collaboration software for teams of every type and size. Developed especially for resource&task management it provides different features, so here users can estimate and plan their projects.

With the help of the Jira project board, we can discover the estimates of each task, e.g. open board of the needed project and you will see all of the project tasks but you cannot find the task estimate in this general view. We need to click on the tasks and after that, we’ll find estimates:

 Jira allows us to see project tasks only in terms of the task, but when we need a comprehensive view of tasks, multiple projects, and estimates in one place, Jira is usually not enough.

Track Project & Tasks Estimation with ActivityTimeline

Jira resource planning cannot be imagined without this tool which is a resource management plugin for Jira that helps with a wide range of Jira users’ pains&needs. Its planning dashboard contains all projects and tasks, teams, and individuals and shows a clear picture of the workflow.

Here we can see tasks with their estimates on the main dashboard and on the left panel. If the task has a green estimate – its estimation is good, if orange – the task is overestimated, if red – underestimated.

ActivityTimeline dashboard: track projects and estimate tasks

Such a view is much better than the Jira one, but still not perfect if we need the complete view of the project tasks’ and the separate project’s estimates.

Actual vs Planned Report for Project Tracking

Actual vs Planned Report is one favorite reports of PMs. Jira resource planning requires effective reports, so Actual vs Planned is on the top of their list. This report compares expected results with the actual execution of tasks/projects.

Receive a comprehensive picture of all estimates, find the bottlenecks and avoid project delays:

ActivityTimeline Planned vs Actual report: track project issues estimation

The generated report shows which task estimates should be fixed.

Planning in Jira becomes effortless if you use ActivityTimeline for the projects/tasks progress tracking and resource management. Enjoy advanced Jira resource planning, discover how to understand Jira resource utilization.

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