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How to Track the Progress of Your Project in Jira with ActivityTimeline?

How to Track the Progress of Your Project in Jira with ActivityTimeline

Tracking the progress of your Jira projects goes hand in hand with advanced resource planning. Resource planning in Jira includes various techniques such as planning future undertakings, task scheduling, tracking of the resource utilization, and time spent.

ActivityTimeline is a Jira resource planning plugin that provides all of the aforementioned features and allows to track project progress effortlessly. Let’s take a look at 5 key elements of successful project planning and tracking.

Plan Future Projects

The app provides a Planning dashboard with a cross-project view for shared resources. Observe all of the teams with team members, projects, and tasks. The Managers can also establish project teams.

After some configuration magic, project teams will be created automatically by the system, based on the Jira data concerning people that work on the specific project.

Schedule Tasks for Your Project Teams

The next step is task scheduling. Use left panel groupings and filters in order to find the needed tasks and projects:

After the preset project filters schedule issues from the left panel directly on the individual or team timelines:
Users can also create and schedule tasks directly from the Jira. The data will be reflected in the ActiityTimeline automatically:
The third option is to create tasks & custom events directly from the dashboard:
With many tasks you can have a helper – integration with communication platform like Slack, for example. All issues goes to Slack channel and you stay up to date with each update.

Observe the Resource Utilization

ActivityTimeline provides special workload indicators for your effortless Jira resource utilization tracking. These indicators are available for every user and for the team in general, so you can see the Jira workload by the assignee and team:

Enjoy the advanced Jira workload planning. Check whether Jira resources’ve been utilized to extend in order to be sure that the project will be delivered on time.

Track Time Spent on Tasks

Timesheet tracking for Jira is a crucial part of the project progress tracking. Use the app’s timesheeting section to track the logged hours and time spent on the specific project:

Use Reports: Actual vs Planned

Reporting helps to evaluate the progress and reveal potential bottlenecks of your projects. With the help of the Actual vs Planned report, the Manager can compare expected results with the actual execution of tasks/projects.

Choose a project and team, time frames, and acceptable deviation, which shows to which extend your project can be delayed:

As for now, the Manager can see which tasks are problematic ones and can fix that. For example, the Manager can talk with the employee and discover why he/she needs more time for the task, another way is to reassign the task or even split it between multiple users.

ActivityTimeline provides a variety of features for your successful project tracking and resource planning. If you want to discover more useful planning tips check out the following – 5 Scenarios How You Can Plan Work in Jira!

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