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How to track Team Workload effectively with new Indicator Mode in ActivityTimeline

What is workload management?

Workload management is the process of strategically dividing work across a team to work more efficiently by maximizing the skills and productivity of employees or applications.

Tracking workload can be exhausting. Workload management is the key moment in work for project managers. There are a lot of pieces to this process, and they all need to be done correctly.

Why Workload Management is important?

It’s important that you complete each of these tasks in order to get the most accurate picture of your workload for the week. For example, if you don’t calculate how many hours your team has taken off from work on a given day, it will make the time spent at work seem even more daunting.

What we created?

A totally new Mode for tracking actual time allocation in your Team.

How does Workload Mode work?

Set a new “Worklogs and Workload” Mode on Dashboard. The remaining estimate will be excluded from the timeline in Past days and you could track only actual tasks.

How could it be useful for my planning?

  You are not focusing on tasks that are in “Done” status. If the task is logged for a long period and just a little amount of work is done then a remaining estimate will be pulled upfront to the rest of the future scheduled period.

Here is how it works in ActivityTimeline:

  If a user logged work on a task in the past period then the remaining estimate will decrease. You see what is going on with the task in real-time.

Use case:

There is a task for a week with 40 hours of the remaining estimate. Jon doesn’t work on that task on Monday and the remaining estimate is pulled to the next days (Tuesday-Friday).


Then Jon logged 8 hours of work on a task for Monday and the remaining estimate decreased to 32 hours. Logged work is visible on Dashboard and Indicator too.


Jon worked on Tuesday on another task and logged work to it. We see that time was added to Dashboard on Wednesday. The remaining estimate of another task was decreased as well.


But Jon still did not finish his task and Indicators signals that he is overloaded: 8h of scheduled work + 8h of logged additional work = 16h of work per day on Tuesday.


The manager is warmed about Jon’s overload. The manager can change the Planned End Date of the task in the Schedule section in the Issue Card or just resize the issue to future days.

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