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How to Encourage Your Employees to Log Time in Jira?

Generally, employees don’t like logging time but it’s needed for Managers to generate proper reports on the progress and time spent. Employees usually spend time filling hateful timesheet tables and missing time for productive work or just a rest. They don’t get extra money for the extra time they spend on logging, but time tracking is really important.

Luckily, we can use apps that simplify the process a lot, for example, ActivityTimeline for Jira, which makes time tracking and reporting effortless.

Why People Hate Logging Time and How to Fix it?

Let’s see the most popular reasons among users and the possible solution which provides ActivityTimeline.

Employee’s Concern: First of all – it’s time-consuming. If I have multiple tasks in a day, Jira requires to open each and every tab in order to fill the “Log work field”. It is very distracting.

Solution: Provide your users with the right visualization of tasks, a place that collects all of the tickets and allows them to automate logging work.

For example, ActivityTimeline helps to log time in few clicks. As it shows the current workflow, users see their tasks in one place. Just open a log work dialog and fulfill the data, add a description if needed. Click submit, and that’s it! Everything is synchronized with Jira and reflected on issues or vise versa.

ActivityTimeline provides a personal workspace for employees with their own tasks and projects. This helps to concentrate on your tasks and logging from the personal cabinet is also quick and easy. Log work from everywhere: from the left panel where you can find your own tasks, from the button “log work”, or from the columns with the workload/worklog indicators in the upper right corner.

Employee’s Concern: It’s hard to keep track of how much time I spent on tasks. How can I track this, if I’m always interrupted?

Solution: Great news – ActivityTimline has a Timetracker for employees in their personal cabinet! Just click on Timer when you start and when the work is done, click again – the new dialog window for logging time will appear, and the time spent will be automatically filled by the app.

Employee’s Concern: In my opinion, logging work is useless, it provides no value and managers are just controlling us as hard as they can.

Solution: Sometimes it’s challenging to explain to colleagues that managers are not spies and it’s important to track time. Managers need time tracking in order to understand how much time and effort can take a specific task or type of work. It’s also vital to track billable & non – billable hours, as Managers may discover that employees are overloaded with non-billable work and cannot work properly with billed tasks. It may be interesting for employees to discover why do we need to track both billable and non-billable hours in Jira?

ActivityTimeline provides an option for distinguishing such work in time tracking dialogue windows.

Time tracking can be effortless and easy, people just need the right instrument to automate this process.

If you want to understand why do we need time tracking in Jira more, come here.

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