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November 20, 2018
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March 6, 2019

ActivityTimeline 6.0 with Holiday Schemes and Integration with Tempo and Portfolio

We are excited to introduce a new version of ActivityTimeline 6.0.

This release focuses on giving the more effortless way of buying an ActivityTimeline via Marketplace. The next big change is a data import from Tempo like holiday schemes, users, teams and user positions. We created a feature Holiday Schemes with an ability to import schemes from Tempo Timesheets and Jira Portfolio. We improved the usability of users’ skills and positions and created new Timeline scope.

Let’s take a closer look at all-new release updates:

1. Added possibility to buy ActivityTimeline Server license through Atlassian Marketplace app:

Add-on allows you to purchase ActivityTimeline Server license through Atlassian Marketplace. This add-on contains a license verification module only.
Companies that have concerns about purchasing Jira add-ons through Marketplace has the solution in a current version.

To find out more and try an add-on: ActivityTimeline Server license


2. New Timeline scope – Quarter Weekly scroll:

Quarter Weekly scroll makes use of a Dashboard handier. It’s a second implemented scroll after Month Daily scroll.

A new scroll will allow you to schedule for a long period of time.

ActivityTimeline Scope

3. Added Holiday Schemes management:

The users with administrator permission are able to create the Holidays Schemes. The schemes can be applied to one or several teams.
Nowadays the distributed teams are the common practice in international companies. One team can be located in different locations and even countries. With the new feature, we advanced ActivityTimeline in team management and collaboration for the distributed teams.

ActivityTimeline Holiday Schemes

4. Import data from Tempo, Jira and Jira Portfolio:

The next update for the effortless way to manage teams is an import data from Tempo. Let’s take a quick look at the possibilities of this implementation.

  • Load users from Jira group(s) or Tempo Team(s):

ActivityTimeline supports import users from Jira groups and Tempo Team(s). You can import users on the ActivityTimeline setup step or at any time on your Refresh Users page as an Admin.

ActivityTimeline Import data from Tempo

All users from Tempo Team(s) and Jira groups will appear in your Users page list.

  • Import teams and user positions from Tempo:

User positions are loaded along with Tempo teams automatically. Positions are set to users on Users page that were created in Tempo.

ActivityTimeline import teams and user positions from Tempo

  • Import Holiday Schemes from Tempo Timesheet and Jira Portfolio:

Import holiday schemes from Tempo and Portfolio just with one click. This option is enabled for users with administration permissions.

ActivityTimeline import Holiday Schemes from Tempo

  • Easily Importing worklog records – Integration with Tempo Cloud: 

ActivityTimeline supports integration with Tempo Cloud to load work log records that were submitted through Tempo Cloud user interface. Worklog records will be synchronized and will appear on a Dashboard after Tempo Cloud integration.  The system will load new work logs by default.

You will have a more complete view of users’ involvement.

To read more how to integrate ActivityTimeline with Tempo Cloud: Tempo Cloud Integration instructions

ActivityTimeline integration with Tempo Cloud

5. Improved Users Management:

Added new features:

  •  inline edit of user skills and position;

Now you can add user skills and position right on a users list on User page (for Admin role).

  • advanced user search by skill & availability:

“Advanced Search” option helps you to find the right user as needed.

  • displaying of user availability (per month, in percentage) on Person Card:

A quick way to find out user availability for the entire month.
ActivityTimeline Improved Users Management

  • possibility to select multiple teams or no teams in Team drop-down:

A more flexible way to view the users in different teams: select one or more teams to display on the Dashboard.

  • Add “Only Me” team to the dashboard drop-down (like in reports):

To track your own activities select “Only Me” team. You can generate reports for yourself only as well.

6. Improved Reports:

  • Improved Availability report configuration (per Skills and Position):

We added two more options to sort by in Availability Report: Skills and Position.

  • Improved Timesheets reports to highlight days of incomplete worklogs:

To control the overcomplete or incomplete tasks with Timesheets reports we added one improvement: generate any of the Availability reports and check what tasks have incomplete worklogs by color highlights. Overcomplete tasks are colored red (light red) and incomplete tasks are colored green (yellow).

7. New little features for Dashboard activity:

  • Possibility to completely unlink the “Assignee” issue field from a timeline:
  • Added bulk approve/unapprove of Placeholders and Bookings:

New Bulk Approve option in “Bulk Reschedule” on Extra tab.

  • Automatic periodic user sync from Jira (configurable);
  • Improved Auto-scheduler to schedule up to 500 issues at once;
  • Export scheduled events of the whole team into the external calendar.


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