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How to use Jira Product Discovery?

How to use Jira Product Discovery

Jira become a really powerful tool that covers all of the needs of product teams. Now Jira Software has made announcements even better by introducing the Product Discovery tool, an integrated tool that enables teams to systematically gather new ideas for product plans.

Jira tried to cover the area of product discovery by introducing a new tool. This is the new product that precedes the step before Jira Software.

What is Jira Product Discovery?

Ideas Jira Product Discovery

Jira Product Discovery is a tool in which a target audience is product or Agile teams, organizations, project managers, product managers or product owners, software development teams, and other teams to deliver world-class innovation, identify customer needs, capture insights, prioritize opportunities, and explore solutions quickly. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for brainstorming new ideas and validating them with user feedback or research methods like A/B tests or market analysis. Additionally, it offers powerful communication tools that allow team members to stay in sync while working remotely or across time zones.

Jira Product Discovery helps teams identify customer needs, prioritize opportunities and explore solutions quickly. This tool allows for the rapid creation of multiple products to meet those needs, enabling users to develop iterative products faster than ever before.

The main features of Jira Product Discovery

  1. Automated feature prioritization
  2. Project and Sprint planning
  3. Prioritization & Roadmapping
  4. Cross-team collaboration
  5. Actionable insights
  6. Customizable filters and views
  7. Predictive analytics
  8. Delivery control
  9. Impact versus effort matrix view
  10. Team planning

With features such as feature prioritization, ideas planning, collaboration tools, actionable insights, cus and views, and analytics, users or product managers can create iterative products faster than ever before.

This product management tool provides an organized way of collecting and organizing product inputs and outputs, enabling teams to quickly find just the right amount of resources for any project.

The Jira Product Discovery workflow usually involves identifying customer needs, brainstorming product ideas, researching competitive products, creating feature comparison matrices, prioritizing features and requirements, and finally, prototyping and testing the product success. This process can be tailored to the needs of a particular product or project, and it can be used to efficiently develop new products. During this process, it is important to involve stakeholders in the process in order to obtain their input and feedback. This can help to ensure that the product meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. It is also important to track progress and monitor the change in priority of features and requirements over time in order to ensure that the new product management tool is constantly evolving and improving. Finally, it is essential to continually solicit feedback from customers and stakeholders in order to ensure that the product remains relevant and meets their needs.

How to access Product Discovery in Jira?

Jira Product Discovery Access

To use these features, you’ll need to log in to Jira Software Product Discovery and access the UI. From there, you can utilize the different features according to your project needs. For example, you can use Impact versus effort to quickly identify potential feature opportunities, use Impact assessment to quickly analyze and monitor data collected from your Jira projects, or see Delivery to check the process progress and create new ideas for the tasks.

Jira Product Discovery was able as an Early Access Alpha release. Now available Early Access Beta Version in Jira software.

How to use the Product Discovery tool in Jira?

Impact assessment Jira Product Discovery

Ideation – The platform enables brainstorming sessions with team members from different departments around the world in order to engage teams to exchange good ideas. Additionally, it offers tools like mind maps or affinity diagrams that help visualize these conversations.

Validation – After ideating on possible solutions, teams can rapidly validate their hypotheses by testing them against user feedback via surveys or interviews as well as other research methods like A/B tests and market analysis.

Collaboration – As a collaboration between departments becomes increasingly important for successful product launches, this cloud platform provides comprehensive yet easy-to-use communication tools that allow team members to stay in sync while working remotely or across time zones.

You can have integrated Discovery with Slack, Chrome Extention, and Salesforce to help different software development teams systematically gather, capture, and track delivery progress and act on customer feedback, record ideas supporting insights, and other product inputs. As Jira software has many integrations with other tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, here we can have the same advantage in delivering cross-product capabilities.

Also, you can integrate Jira Service Management and Product Discovery to organize product inputs, manage internal requests between business teams, and gather feedback and feature requests from teams and customers.

How to convert ideas in Product Discovery to tasks with ActivityTimeline?

Team view

To convert ideas from Product Discovery to tasks in Jira, you can use ActivityTimeline to select the project and assign the task to the Team board. To do that, open ActivityTimeline and select the issue in the Discovery project from the Left Panel. Then open the Team board on Timeline and select the Team you needed. After that assign the task to the Team board.

Once the task is in the Team board, you can add details like assignee and due date to it. You can also break down the task into smaller tasks by creating other tasks from within ActivityTimeline. Finally, when all your changes are done, you can plan your work in a Team.

Value of the Product Discovery tool

Jira Product Discovery provides several powerful benefits to product teams. Firstly, it helps teams prioritize features and tasks with automated feature prioritization, allowing teams to focus their efforts on the most important aspects of their products. Additionally, it allows teams to collaborate more easily and efficiently by providing agile teams with clear visibility into projects and enabling team members to take ownership of tasks. Finally, Impact assessment and Matrix provide valuable insights into product performance, helping teams make more informed decisions about their products.


For teams looking for smart ways to kickstart product launches without getting bogged down in meetings or manual processes that take too much time, Jira Product Discovery offers an efficient and effective way forward by allowing them to have direct access to customer voice data combined with powerful ideation capabilities such as mind mapping &visualization features created specifically for remote collaboration use cases like usability studies and company-wide experiments.

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