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How to Allow Managers to Only Manage Their Own Teams in Jira?
March 30, 2021
How to Track the Progress of Your Project in Jira with ActivityTimeline
How to Track the Progress of Your Project in Jira with ActivityTimeline?
April 19, 2021

How to Display Jira Issues in My Personal Calendar?

How to display Jira tasks in personal calendar

Personal and working lives always go hand in hand with each other, so people try to balance between them. Sometimes checking work calendar and personal schedule with everyday life tasks starts to annoy, as it takes much time and effort, so we’ve decided to share a great life hack with you. What about a single place containing both daily tasks and all Jira issues which can be added there in a few minutes?

Discover how to get a calendar with Jira tasks and personal arrangements with the help of ActivityTimeline!

Jira Issues Synchronization with Personal Calendars (Google, Outlook, or Apple Calendar) 

The setup process takes only a few minutes, after that, you’ll receive a comprehensive view of all upcoming plans and activities – important work meetings, sprint planning, supermarket visit, or reminder to pick up the kids from school – all will be reflected in your Google, Outlook or Apple calendar! Plan work in Jira and reflect it in the personal calendar.

Jira Google Calendar Integration 

Let’s take the first example with Google Calendar. Primarily, the integration process:

  • Open your ActivityTimeline and go to “My Account” settings.

  • Click on “External Calendar Integration” and “Renew Calendar Link” to generate a unique iCal Data Feed URL.

  • Copy the link.

  • After that just open your Google Calendar

  • Move to the “Other calendars” field  and press on the plus sign (+), select “From URL” in the pop-up menu

  • Add a previously copied link in the “Settings Menu” after redirection.

As for now you can see personal and work plans altogether!

Jira Outlook Calendar Integration 

Integration process with Outlook Calendar looks almost the same:

  • Click on the “Account” field and move to an “External Calendar Integration”.

  • Choose – “Renew Calendar Link”, copy this link and proceed with the Outlook Calendar. 

  • Click on “Open Calendar” “From Internet”. 

  • Paste the copied URL into the field, click “OK” and then the “Yes” buttons.

As for now Jira issues and custom events scheduled on your timeline will appear in Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Jira Apple Calendar Integration

People from Apple EcoSystem can also enjoy this feature. To connect calendars follow the next instructions :

  • “Account” field External Calendar Integration”→Renew Calendar Link”.

  • Copy this link and proceed with the Apple Calendar. 

  • Open the “File” tab click on “New Calendar Subscription”. 

  • Name your new calendar and click “OK”.

That’s it! The integration process took only a few minutes.

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