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Find Duplicates: How to Avoid Bug-Clones in Jira?

How do you think, to which factors we should pay attention during the work process? Comfortable workplace, equipment, or the weather outside? Each of these and lots of other factors may influence our work, but the main thing we should take into account is a human factor. Obviously, that we are not robots and sometimes we can make small or big mistakes or simply forget something. If you are working with lots of issues and projects, it’s possible to forget some information about them, but it’s not a big deal if you use Find Duplicates.

This add-on shows all possible clones in your projects, it helps you not to be misguided and confused by issues with similar names and prevents the ongoing process from chaos.

Just check out how it works and you will understand why it’s so required.

There are 5 ways to see possible duplicates :

  1. while you are Creating the issue
  2. on Issue page
  3. while you are Editing the issue
  4. in the Link dialog
  5. in the Quick search for Jira issues from the main Jira header search panel

Let’s use bug-clones for an example.


1)In the first case, in order to see the list of potential bug – clones while you are reporting a new issue follow the steps:

  1. Open Create Issue dialog
  2. Start typing the title in Summary field
    → The potential duplicates list is instantly revealed.
  3. Click on any item from the list to open it:


2) Potential Duplicates panel is shown on each issue page of the enabled project:

The panel has three additional features:

  1. Limit duplicates within the current project
  2. Limit duplicates by issue type
  3. Limit duplicates by component

The user can switch on or off the search restrictions on his/her choice. You may see only bug-clones with the help of the “Limit duplicates by issue type” option.


3) There is also an editing function on the issue page, where you may see the possible duplicates almost in the same way as you did while creating the issue.

4) Find Duplicates plugin does not only allow to see the potential duplicates while the user creates a new issue, but also automatically shows potential duplicates when the user creates the links between issues.

This helps the user to save time as he/she does not have to do a manual search before linking the related tickets.

To see the potential list of duplicates linking the issues follow the steps:

  1. Open Link Issue dialog
  2. Type issue name in Issue field

5) Find Duplicates also enhances Jira’s header search box to have a support of quick search based on keywords, issue key, and issue number within a current project.

To find potential duplicated issues start typing in Jira Quick Search field:

  •   Search by one or multiple keywords                                       
  •   Search by issue key:                                                                 
  •   Search by issue number within a current project (current project is DMO in this example):

To find out more about Find Duplicates go here How to find duplicates in Jira?

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