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How to Find Duplicates in Jira?

Every day we face with dozen tickets in Jira and searching for the proper issue is not an easy task. We face duplicates, and tickets that someone else has already submitted. So, as a result, users often need to find duplicates in Jira to prevent confusion.

In Jira duplicate issue means that cloned issue corresponds to the same project. To prevent the needless job you should try to make sure that the issues you report are not duplicates. Otherwise, those bugs will be closed or will create a mess in tasks.

The main advantage of using it is that you will no longer waste your time searching for similar issues manually. The system will return the results immediately preventing you from logging a ticket that was already logged before.

The list of potential duplicates will be displayed on the right panel of any existing Jira ticket. Find Duplicates plug-in works in Create/Edit/Link Issue dialogs.

How to Find Duplicates in Jira?

Using the Find Duplicates add-on for Jira you can easily simplify your work and save your time.

To identify the duplicate issues follow the next steps:

Start with searching the issues:

  • Start to search for “Open” and “Closed” issues. Closed issues have crossed out issue keys. You can select how a list of duplicated issues will appear with “Issue Appearance” customization.
    Search the duplicate in Jira
  • The next step is “Filter” – try unique keywords. Some common words (such as issue, problem, solution, good, component, etc.) are automatically excluded. Use the “Words to ignore during duplicates search” field in Settings to exclude frequently used words.Words in Find Duplicates in Jira
  • Try different keywords in the title – the whole title or title with the main area.
  • To narrow down the results search by “Issue type” (Bug, Task, etc) or/and within the same project. Customize “Always search for duplicates within the same issue type” and check “Always search for duplicates within the same project” in the add-on configuration.

Include browser search:

  • To use filtering and browser search together check “Keep browser’s auto-suggest list on issue creation” in the configuration. It will be easier to use filtering and browser search together. If there are more keywords to try and you have not found a duplicate yet then keep trying different keywords in the browser search. All potential duplicates will appear in search results.

Browser search in Find Duplicates in Jira

Some additional useful tips:

  • To keep an eye on duplicates use the “Show ‘Potential Duplicates’ panel on each issue page” option and the “Use plug-in’s Quick Issue Search in Jira header search box” option to have the ability to search for the right task.Find the duplicate in Jira
  • Looking at the title is not enough and it is better to read the description or look at the video and screenshots. Open issue duplicates in a new window by customizing the “Open issue duplicates in a new window” checkbox. It is necessary to use keywords and open all similar suggested issues.

What you can do with a duplicate Jira ticket:

  • If you find an already existing issue duplicate include a link to the old issue with the next steps to mark this duplicate defect: open issues, click “Link” on one of the issues, and click on a plus icon to link the relevant task.
    In addition, you can close duplicate issues in Jira after linking the issue.

Find Duplicates is compatible with the Jira Service Desk plug-in (see duplicated or similar requests as Service Desk Agent).

Link the duplicate in Jira

How do you prevent duplicate bugs?

Install the Find Duplicates add-on for Jira and all protentional duplicated tickets will appear on a stage of creating a new issue.

Find Duplicates also integrates with Zephyr and synapseRT Test Management plug-ins making reporting a bug easier and quicker.

To read more about linking an issue in our documentation here. To try a free trial of FindDuplicates on Marketplace.

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