How to track Release dates on Milestones Panel
August 17, 2018
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September 21, 2018

Three ways to track your Milestones

How to set and track a deadline with your Jira tickets

Time and our brain could be tricky for us sometimes. We perceive a time depending on a situation and we view a time as a progression of a successive event.

That’s why interrupted and uncompleted tasks (even thoughts) could be evoked better than uninterrupted and completed tasks. It’s called The Zeigarnik effect. As your brain tries to close an uncompleted task and this side of the effect could be pretty uncomfortable and annoying. 

The better way to use this effect to your advantage is to set micro-goals or milestones. Milestones will lead you to the final point of the project.

In your ActivityTimeline, you can set a due date in the Milestones panel on a flag icon on the right panel toolbar. 

There are three ways to add a Milestone:

  1. Create new Milestone on Milestones Panel by clicking on it;
  2. Set a Due Date in Jira issue;
  3. Select a project to see Fix Versions.

Create a new Milestone

In order to add a new milestone click on the required cell in the milestone panel. In the opened Create New Item dialog one can add a new:

  • Milestone
  • Event
  • Release
  • Delivery 
  • Deadline.

Set a Due date for Jira ticket

Every Jira ticket can be your own milestone. Do to that just click on a ticket (on a Dashboard or on a Left Panel), click on a “Schedule” link and set Due Date. This date will be your deadline.

Select a project to see Fix Versions

ActivityTimeline has a great option how to track your project’s fix version. Fix version is provided by default in Jira. You can track all Release dates of every version (by fix version).

Select proper Project in drop down. ActivityTimeline automatically reads the Fix Versions of a selected project.

To change Release date click on the link to open a Jira “Project settings → Versions” page.

To know more about ActivityTimeline useful features a Demo or try a trial version.

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