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Jira Resource Planning Tips: How to Manage Work Overload with ActivityTimeline

JIRA Resource Planning Tips How to Manage Work Overload with ActivityTimeline

In the fast-paced world of modern work environments, striking the right balance between productivity and well-being is a constant challenge. Work overload can cast a dark shadow over even the most organized and efficient teams, affecting both the quality of output and the overall satisfaction of team members. To navigate this delicate equilibrium successfully, it is imperative to keep a vigilant eye on workload and proactively manage overload risks. In this article, we will explore some essential tips for effectively managing work overload and harnessing useful tools to aid in this endeavor.

Workload Tracking Tool in Jira

Work overload is a negative phenomenon that interferes with the workflow, has an impact on people’s productivity and well-being. It’s important to track workload and prevent overload risks. Here are some tips on how to manage work overload and how to use useful tools for this.

One such invaluable tool is ActivityTimeline, a solution that empowers teams to take control of their workload with precision. ActivityTimeline provides a specialized Workload Indicator that offers a comprehensive snapshot of the team’s current work dynamics. This indicator includes essential insights such as:

  1. Exact Workload: Gain a clear understanding of the precise workload and how many working hours each team member is handling.
  2. Number of Scheduled Tasks: Keep tabs on the volume of tasks on everyone’s to do list.
  3. Availability: Quickly ascertain who in your team is available for additional tasks, based on their current workload and commitments.
  4. Worklogs and Workload: Access detailed worklogs to monitor how working hours are allocated and ensure a balanced workload distribution.

Track Workload in Jira with ActivityTimeline

ActivityTimeline provides a special Workload Indicator which shows the following:

  1. The exact Workload

  2. Number of scheduled tasks

  3. Availability

  4. Worklogs and Workload

    Dashboard with Wokload Modes

If you have some potential work for a team member, but you are not sure who is available for these tasks, check a team members’ availability which is based on their involvement. Each time when the new JIRA tasks arrive you will know who has free time to handle it right now.

Workload Indicators in ActivityTimeline
Furthermore, keep an eye on their workload to be sure your team is not being overworked.
ActivityTimeline's Planning Dashboard

Track team performance using our reports. Use numerous reports on a wide range of topics for resource planning and tracking.

Have a look at the Summary Resource Workload Report as an example:

Workload Report in ActivityTimeline


In today’s fast-paced world, achieving work-life balance is a challenge. However, with smart tools like ActivityTimeline for Jira, you can effectively manage your workload, boost productivity, and maintain your well-being. Say goodbye to overwhelm as you streamline tasks, optimize your time, and stay on top of your to-do list. By doing so, you’ll navigate the demands of work more smoothly and enjoy a more balanced life.

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