JIRA Resource Planning: Filling the Missing Gaps

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May 17, 2018
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JIRA Resource Planning: Filling the Missing Gaps

How JIRA deals with resource planning

JIRA is a comprehensive project tracking suite, which comes with a variety of features right away.
However when it comes to effective resource planning and the possibility to have a quick real-time overview of who is doing what in your team, it misses a couple of essential features.

What is missing

Many project managers are looking for a possibility to get a consolidated overview of their projects and be able to collect all the tasks under one roof to see who’s doing what and check where they stand in comparison to where they should be.

How ActivityTimeline fill the missing gaps in JIRA?

ActivityTimeline can be a perfect way to fill these missing gaps. Designed from the outset as a simple, easy to use tool for resource planning, the cloud, and the server-based tool allows you to manage all the human resource and organize your capacity planning.

The main functionality of ActivityTimeline: Activity Dashboard, Workload, Availability indicators allow PMs to get better visibility and get a more profound understanding of the inner workings of your team so you can improve how work gets done.





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