AcivityTimeline as a Capacity Planner for Jira
ActivityTimeline as a Resource Capacity Planner for Jira
May 24, 2021
How to Plan Non-Human Resources in Jira
How to Plan Non-Human Resources in Jira?
June 23, 2021

How to Efficiently Track Meeting Time in Jira?

How to Efficiently Track Meeting Time in Jira

Management of Resources in Jira is a comprehensive process that includes different tasks&challenges, such as time-tracking issues. You’ve probably experienced the struggle of tracking time spent in meetings. Meetings can take up valuable time, so very often users need accurate meeting tracking, as meetings also equal worked hours.

ActivityTimeline’s Custom Events – Don’t Miss any Meeting

ActivityTimeline is a resource management app for Jira that helps track time and work plans effortlessly, and you can use it to track your meetings. The app provides various internal events, that are not available in Jira. Moreover, users can create their own custom events in ActivityTimeline.

To create your custom meetings go to the Configuration Menu → Events → Create New Timeline Event Time → Name your event, choose Event type ( booking ), choose the preferable icon, and click “Create“.

You can find events on the Planning Dashboard, just click on the cell, and the menu with custom events will open:

Meeting tracking with ActivityTimeline

After that, you can schedule your meetings directly on the dashboard to observe all of the current and future meetings. You can customize the way meetings appear in the configuration, so each meeting type will have its own color:

Dashboard in ActivityTimeline

Track your Meetings with Timesheets

Our timesheeting section also includes time tracking for the meetings. All past meetings will be treated like worked hours and future meetings will be treated like plans.

Then go to the Track Module and generate timesheet reports. Get the information about meetings’ time in a few seconds. Let’s take a closer look at meetings of the A-Team’s PM Remi:

Get the detailed Timesheet per User in ActivityTimeline

We can see when Remi had meetings, with whom and how much time did he spend.

Management of Resources in Jira can be effortless with the right resource management app for Jira, such as ActivityTimeline. Get more useful tips for Jira resource planning here.

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