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July 19, 2021
ActivityTimeline a Gold Marketplace Partner
Reliex becomes an Atlassian Gold Marketplace Partner!
July 28, 2021

Atlassian Launches the New Cloud Fortified Program!

ActivityTimeline Cloud Fortified

Atlassian introduced a new program that will help customers to easily identify apps with advanced security practices. The Cloud Fortified badge is the proof, given only to those apps that are vetted for safety and reliability.

ActivityTimeline Cloud fortified participant

The cloud is the future, and security is a necessity. Atlassian has always emphasized that the issue of cloud security is the priority, so constantly introduces new concepts and improvements for cloud ecosystems.

Сooperation between Atlassian Customers and Marketplace Partners stands on four pillars: privacy, security, reliability, and support. Atlassian ensures that such relationships will be stable and productive, so creates new security programs and privacy policies to help the customers to find outstanding apps and services.

Reliex team is delighted that ActivityTimeline is among the first participants of the Cloud Fortified Program from Atlassian. Here you may see some of the criteria that the apps must fulfill to be recognized as ‘Cloud Fortified App’ by Atlassian.

Requirements to the Participants of the Atlassian Cloud Fortified Program

To become a part of the Cloud Fortified Program, companies must meet Atlassian’s cloud security requirements. Among them:

The first 25 apps have already become part of the Atlassian Cloud Fortified Program, but the program continues to expand.

Cloud Fortified apps show their readiness to meet high-security standards. They’re reliable, exceptionally secure and they meet the needs of all Atlassian Cloud customers, so now with the introduction of this new program Enterprise level customers can easily spot apps with top-notch security.

Atlassian implements various Marketplace trust programs so users can effortlessly identify which Marketplace partners take exceptional security measures. You are welcome to check the trust programs & Atlassian’s standards and compare security levels of different apps.

Choose the best security and reliability apps with the Atlassian Cloud Fortified Program.

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