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META-INF Atlassian Day Conference: ITSM Meets Budapest

META-INF Atlassian Day - Reliex team - ActivityTimeline

META-INF Atlassian Day annual conference in Budapest is not just a gathering of tech enthusiasts; it is a platform where industry leaders and innovators come together to explore the latest trends and advancements in the technology landscape. This year, the conference featured exciting developments in the IT Service Management (ITSM) space. This article dives into the captivating journey of ITSM and the new solutions introduced in the Atlassian platform, creating waves of excitement among attendees at the META-INF conference. Also, we will share our experience as a Reliex at a conference where we represented ActivityTimeline plugin for Jira.

ITSM meets Budapest

The biggest Atlassian event in Hungary has returned: the Atlassian Day! Three days of talks & training, 58 presentations, and 50 speakers from 23 Marketplace vendors came together to provide a fresh new look into service management in the Atlassian World. This year we presented a great presentation on how to master Resource Planning and Time Tracking with ActivityTimeline in Jira. This year it was the 8th META-INF conference. From 6 to 8 June, participants could receive unlimited knowledge about ITSM from world-favorite Atlassian partners and know better about ITSM innovation, attracting professionals and organizations that are at the forefront of transforming IT service delivery.

META-INF Atlassian Day - Reliex team

Keynote Speakers and Topics

Atlassian, known for its collaboration tools like Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket, took center stage at the conference. This year the attendees were introduced to new and innovative solutions within the Atlassian ecosystem that aimed to streamline ITSM solutions and drive collaboration among teams.

This year’s META-INF conference featured an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, vendor presentations, and hands-on workshops who shared their insights on various tech-related topics about ITSM.

Day 1

Day 1 of the event was dedicated to training sessions conducted by META-INF and other vendors. Participants had the opportunity to enhance their skills in Atlassian Cloud training powered by Alpha Serve. The sessions were interactive and hands-on, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing among attendees. Also, TechTime organized ITSM training. This comprehensive training laid the foundation for the rest of the event, ensuring that participants were well-prepared to delve into the key topics and solutions presented in the following days. Tools and knowledge to excel in the fast-paced ITSM environment. And the end we participated in Atlassian Data Center training. Overall, the training sessions provided valuable learning experiences and equipped attendees with the tools and knowledge to excel in the fast-paced ITSM environment.

META-INF Atlassian Day - Conference in Budapest

Day 2

This year’s META-INF conference featured an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, vendor presentations, and hands-on workshops who shared their insights on various tech-related topics about ITSM.

Day 2 kicked off with an exciting Atlassian Keynote presentation that got everyone talking. The topic? “Rethinking Service Management – how AI and Machine Learning will change the game.” Attendees were buzzing with anticipation to learn How AI can transform the world of ITSM and Customer Support. Holger Stutzke, a seasoned Solution Sales at Atlassian, emphasized the transformative power of AI and machine learning in service management. The key takeaway was that incorporating these technologies can streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and ultimately make life easier for service teams.

Another standout keynote was delivered by P. Tóth András, a well-known industry expert. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, András shared invaluable insights and trends that left the audience inspired and eager for more.

A presentation about optimizing workflows from Decadis highlighted the importance of customizing and optimizing workflows. Attendees learned that tailoring processes to their specific needs can eliminate bottlenecks, improve efficiency, and drive better outcomes.

Also, was heard several Success Stories that shared real-life situations of organizations using Atlassian’s tools. The main point was that by learning from these examples, attendees could gain inspiration and insights into how to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results in their own service delivery.

The lunch break on Day 2 was a delightful affair, offering attendees a delicious spread of culinary delights. It provided a much-needed opportunity to refuel and recharge while also fostering networking and socializing among participants. Following the break, a group photo captured the energy and friendship of the event, serving as a lasting memory of the vibrant ITSM community.

META-INF Atlassian Day - Jira - Conference

The folks from META-INF also took the stage with their own keynote speech. Attendees knew they could expect a thought-provoking discussion related to Atlassian or ITSM. META-INF has a reputation for bringing fresh perspectives and insider knowledge to the table, so this keynote was definitely one to look forward to.

The afterparty was the perfect way to unwind and celebrate a successful day of learning and networking. Attendees enjoyed a lively atmosphere filled with music, dancing, and great company. It provided a chance to let loose, make new connections, and have a memorable time together. The afterparty added a touch of fun and relaxation to the overall conference experience.

METAINFAtlassianDay8_Party-23 METAINFAtlassianDay8_Party-33-1

Day 3

On Day 3, the conference began with a bang as META-INF Atlassian Day opened the proceedings. Attendees were treated to an overview of the day’s events and the conference’s overall focus. It was a great way to set the tone and get everyone energized for the exciting sessions ahead.

One standout presentation that grabbed our attention was delivered by Actonic. Their talk, titled “Uncover The Truth About Your ITSM Data: Performance Reporting Pitfalls Explained,” promised to reveal the common challenges and pitfalls associated with performance reporting in IT service management. Attendees were eager to learn how to effectively analyze and leverage their ITSM data for better decision-making.

Ostap Zaishlyi - Reliex - ActivityTimeline presentation at META-INF Atlassian Day Ostap Zaishlyi - ActivityTimeline presentation at META-INF Atlassian DayOstap Zaishlyi represented ActivityTimeline on the META-INF stage with the presentation “Mastering Resource Planning and Time Tracking with ActivityTimeline in Jira”. Many attendees joined us for this informative presentation and shared with us the awesomeness of ActivityTimeline for Jira. We have shown how this powerful tool can take your team’s productivity and efficiency to a whole new level for Atlassian users. Attendees learned that by effectively managing resources and tracking time, they can optimize resource allocation, improve project management, and enhance overall productivity.

In summary, the conference provided an enriching experience for ITSM professionals. Attendees benefited from diverse training sessions, engaging keynotes, and informative presentations. They gained valuable insights, discovered emerging trends, and connected with industry experts. The event fostered collaboration, networking, and the exchange of ideas. Ultimately, participants left the conference inspired and equipped with practical knowledge to enhance their organizations’ efficiency and productivity in the field of ITSM. And we definitely plan to visit it in 2024. Hope to see all the Atlassian enthusiasts next year!

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