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Deviniti Jira Day 2022. How was it? | Reliex

Deviniti Jira Day 2022

Our team has recently come back from the largest Atlassian-related conference in Central Europe that took place on the 7-8th of September in Warsaw, Poland. Our Ostap Zaishlyi (Product Manager) & Svitlana Samotis (Customer Success Manager), who participated this time, want to share their memories and emotions with you. This year it was the 10th edition and the first offline event after the remote edition years. For two days, over 60 sessions & dozens of speakers and hundreds of visitors from different countries.

Reliex team at Jira Day Conference

Reliex team at Jira Day Conference

What is Deviniti Jira Day?

Let’s back to the 2013 when first Jira Day was launched. It all started with several enthusiasts that decided to hold the event for the Atlassian community. Back then the organizing company was called InTENSO but they changed the name in 2018 to Devinity which means Development + Infinity in one word. As organizers say, this new name better represents their vision.

Through all these years, the Deviniti Jira Day conference became one of the largest Atlassian Expert events and the largest conference in Central & Eastern Europe. Many project managers, IT administrators, and Atlassian consultants gather in one place to discover the Jira best practices, the most useful Atlassian plugins, and the latest trends in technology and business. Speakers share not just about Jira but ecosystems and different Jira tools that we can use for more productive work.

About Deviniti Jira Day 2022

This year Norblin Factory in the Center of Warsaw, Poland opened their doors for speakers and attendees. Going ourselves, we must say it was a remarkable event. Piotr Dorosz, Deviniti CEO, and Katarzyna Dorosz-Zubkowska, Head of Atlassian Services, opened the event with a great speech about the importance of digital transformation. Also, Piotr Dorosz announced that this year Devinity supports the Bees Foundation.

Jira day opening speech

Jira day opening speech

The keynote speaker was Arne Weiner from BCG Platinion about how to scale Agile and DevOps together. He provided excellent examples of agile transformation at a scale that they spearheaded for different enterprise customers and how the Jira & Atlassian ecosystem can be used for that.

One of the most popular speeches during the first day of the conference was done by Shaked Hershkovitz from, where he discussed the benefits of WorkOS by and how it’s important for cross-functional teams to stay integrated between technical & business objectives.

The second day of the conference started with a keynote by Atlassian itself on the extremely important topic of the job market and how we can open it to new groups of employees.
This very interesting speech was presented by Aga Walczak-Karbowska and Maria Sobińska.
Also, during the second day, Devinity provided a discussion platform for the experts from the Atlassian community: Agnieszka Walczak-Karbowska, Piotr Dorosz, Ronald Oreel & Arne Weiner. The debate was about digital transformation and how it could boost business agility and team performance, as well as what are the risks for companies not investing properly into a digital infrastructure. The speakers also talked about the importance of Agile as it plays a strategic role in many companies. And with the question on what levels do we need to be Agile, the answer was – on all levels.

Jira Conference - Jira day discussion

Jira Conference – Jira day discussion

Without a doubt, the highlight of the technology track during the second day of the Jira Day conference was a speech by Maciej Przepióra from Atlassian, who shed the light on the structure of Jira’s Database as well as the key ideas behind Cloud to Server migration.
As an Atlassian marketplace partner, we make a lot of software development for both Jira Cloud & Server took a lot of value out of his presentations.

Jira conference day: Atlassian database scheme

Jira conference day: Atlassian database scheme

Summary of Jira Day 2022

All-in-all, it was an amazing experience for our team members to visit this venue, hear all the speakers in one place, and have a chance to meet so many Marketplace Partners under one roof.

Also, the afterparty during the first day is something worth highlighting, it’s definitely something we’ve missed a lot during Covid times.

What we want to say at the end: events like this one, unfortunately, don’t happen that often, so when you have a chance to visit – don’t think twice.

So, see you next year at our booth at Jira Day 2023!

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