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September 16, 2017
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October 16, 2017

Pleasant Ways to Manage Your Team Capacity with Activity Timeline Reports

      It is important for a project manager to be aware of how things are going in the project and to be able to take appropriate corrective actions when it is needed. However, keeping up with each and every team member is a time-consuming process, and sometimes a lot of significant information for the manager: person’s/team workload, a total number of hours planned per each project, an amount of logged work, etc — can be lost.

     In order to make these processes easier, we included a Reports features to Activity Timeline, which will help them keep a check of all these things without putting in much time or effort.

     To give you a quick overview of what we’ll go through in this post, here are the three types of reports we will tell you about:

  1. Time Sheets Reports 
  2. Tracking Reports 

Time Sheets Reports 

     Time Sheets Reports— a set of reports generated based on the amount of work done (number of hours logged by people in a team).


      What does it include:

      Team Summary Work Log Report lets you know the amount of logged work during the course of a particular period of a month and also the person logged into the work.

     Team Detailed by Issue Work Log Report — shows JIRA tickets, in which amount of work done was logged for those tickets.

     Team Detailed by Project Work Log Report brings into being a report on which projects the work logged for, against time

Tracking Reports 

     Tracking Reports — a set of reports generated based on the time planned and time spent on specific JIRA tickets for a defined period of time, and time off.

     Why it is useful for PM:

     Issues Progress Report builds a summary of JIRA tickets, time estimates (original and remaining), time spent already on the tickets, and ticket status. A report represents the collected data about JIRA tickets, a person who was the last assignee, Start and End Dates, Original and Remaining Estimates, Time Spent (logged work), Issue Summary and Status.

     Vacation Report gives information about vacations, days off, sick leaves, and holidays per each team member.

     All of the tips use data from Activity Timeline. We’d love for you to give it a try for free if you haven’t tried it before.

     For more detailed information, please, follow to

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