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May 31, 2018
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Is It Important to Have a Tool to Find Duplicates in JIRA?

Jira links are a great way to keep your issues organized. You can easily link issues that relate to each other, mark tickets as duplicates, and so forth. But don’t you wish you could do more?

With Find Duplicates you can prevent the creation of duplicates in Jira / Service Desk, Zephyr, and synapseRT plug-ins

The main advantage of using it is that you will no longer waste your time searching for similar issues manually. Find Duplicates will do it for you!

The system will return the results immediately preventing you from logging a ticket that was already logged before.

The list of potential duplicates will be displayed on the right panel of any existing Jira ticket. Find Duplicates plug-in works in Create/Edit/Link Issue dialogs.

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