How to track Release dates on Milestones Panel

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July 2, 2018
Three ways to track your Milestones
August 20, 2018

How to track Release dates on Milestones Panel

Tip of the Week #6:  Time and planning is a huge part of managing a project. It could make a big deal or lose it. Proper mapping out a due date, following the schedule and setting a Milestone to help you hit deadlines.


ActivityTimeline automatically reads the Fix Versions of a selected project. Fix Version is based on the Release Date and displaying on a Milestones Panel.


Milestones Panel is an additional panel appearing above the team members timelines. By default, Milestones Panel is hidden from the dashboard. To open it, click on a flag icon  on the right panel toolbar. To check the Fix Version select a Project in the drop-down. The task will be scheduled on a Release date on Milestones Panel.


To manage a Jira versions click on a link icon  displaying on a task.



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