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June 23, 2021
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How to Display Jira Tasks on My Phone?

How to display Jira tasks on my phone

Planning in Jira seems to be a part of most of the teams of any size any specialization. If you want to be more productive and always up to date, then you need to have a solution that lets you see your Jira tasks schedule from anywhere.

Wanna get an update on the tasks you’re working on from your mobile phone? Here’s a quick guide to help you with setting up a calendar with Jira tasks on your phone.

See Jira Tasks in Your Jira Mobile Application

Jira developed its own mobile app for both Android & iOS, so you can easily install that app to your device, log in, and see all of your tasks with the help of the dashboards/issue views:

Yes, it’s great to see the tasks in the mobile Jira app whenever you are, but to understand when the user needs to do the specific task, he/she needs to open each and every one of the assigned tasks to see the exact dates…that’s not really comfortable. That’s why very often users search for the calendar view, as it’s comfortable and helps to understand the future work schedule and receive the coherent picture.

Luckily, teams who use ActivityTimeline, a resource management app for Jira, can synchronize their personal calendars ( Outlook, Google, Apple) with ActivityTimeline and all of the Jira tasks will be visible in their mobile calendars.

Display Jira Tasks on Your Phone With the Help of ActivityTimeline

Let’s take an example with the Google Calendar. The setup process will take only a few minutes:

  1. First of all, open your ActivityTimeline and go to theMy Account” settings.

  2. Click on “Calendar Integration” and “Renew Calendar Link” to generate a unique iCal Datafeed URL.

  3. Copy the link.

4. Open your Google Calendar on your Desktop:

5. Find a field “Other calendars” and press on the plus sign (+), select “From URL” in the pop-up menu 

6. You will be redirected to “Settings” where you can add a previously copied link.

The setup process is finished! As for now, you can open your Google Calendar on your mobile phone, and Jira tasks will be displayed in your personal calendar along with your personal tasks&arrangements.

The integration with Outlook & Apple calendars is practically the same, you just need to integrate on the desktop, and tasks from the ActivityTimeline will be shown in your mobile phone calendar apps.

Planning in Jira will become effortless with the right resource management app for Jira.

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