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How to Allow Managers to Only Manage Their Own Teams in Jira?

Large companies usually divide employees into multiple teams, which are run by project managers or team leads. It’s not uncommon, that due to the corporate/privacy policies of some companies, the Manager should only have access to the data of the team the Manager is responsible for.

So, the Manager isn’t supposed to see what other teams are up to, while still being able to have managerial access to his/her team. Luckily, ActivityTimeline provides different access roles for your convenience. With their help, you can manage access levels, e.g., only people with a high level of access (i.e. C-level executives, directors, etc.), will be allowed to see all the activities with the help of the Manager Permission.

If you assign the “Team Lead“ role to the project manager of the specific project, this PM won’t be allowed to see information about other teams and will work only with her/his own team.

Team Lead User Permission 

This is a special user role that helps to restrict some actions and views in ActivityTimeline. If this role is assigned to a user, he/she can:

  • Manage Specific Team

  • Access to Timesheets of Managed Teams

  • Approve Timesheets & Events for Managed Teams


In order to configure the user permissions proceed with the following steps:

  • Go to the Configuration Menu → General

  • Find the “Configure Permission“ section Team Lead role click “Assign“

  • Choose the needed user and click “Assign Role to User”.

As for now Camila has a Team Lead Role and can manage only her B-team.

Camila has access only to timesheets of the B-team:

In order to discover more hacks for your time tracking in Jira visit this page – 4 Ways How to Track Time in Jira!

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