Pleasant Ways to Manage Your Team Capacity with Activity Timeline Reports
September 22, 2017

Transparency and Communication Through the Visibility Within Your Team in Jira

      Imagine, you have a request from a customer. Your team is supposed to develop a new software product in the nearest time. What you need to do as a project manager is to find people on your team who are available and can take responsibility for this task. Transparency not only visibility within a project team. Transparency is a culture of open communication. How your team should know about your main goals on a project? What are your ordinary actions?

      Probably, you will start to search somewhere in the dozens of Exel files or in a stack of papers in order to get to know the workload of the team. But is it how things should go on? Don’t you want to have one single solution, where you will contain all these details and see them when it is necessary?

     If your question is yes, we are here to relieve your PM pain :) Here are some of Activity Timeline’s features we’ll cover in this blog post:

  1. Timeline Panel
  2. Milestones Panel
  3. Workload Indicator
  4. Issue Panel

    Timeline Panel

       Timeline Panel is a large table of the timelines on the right side of the ActivityTimeline add-on.

      What does it include?

  • A row that corresponds to a person. So you can see all the particulars information about a person’s work.
  •  The column that corresponds to a period of time. It enables you to see when a team member is available, whether he have enough workload for each day/month/year, when he is on vacation, etc.
  • Month-Daily, Month-Weekly, Year calendar view, each table cell corresponding to a particular day of a week, month, or year.

Milestones Panel

      Milestones Panel is an additional hidden panel appearing above the team members’ timelines. It displays unresolved JIRA issues based on a Due Date field. In addition, you may add your own custom milestones to this panel.

     There are five custom milestone types available:

  • general milestone
  • event
  • release
  • delivery
  • deadline
  • custom ones that you can create by yourself

What’s more:

  • Team Filter On/Team Filter Off — determines whether the panel shows all JIRA issues or issues assigned to a current team only. Custom milestone events are always visible.
  • Project Filter — filter items shown on the Milestones Panel by JIRA project.

 Workload Indicator

     Workload Indicator. ActivityTimeline add-on provides everybody who has access to specific team timelines an ability to see the workload for each person and for the whole team. It provides information about the amount of work scheduled for that person for a specific period of time.

     How it helps Project Managers?

     The workload indicator view depends on a current calendar view. If a default one-week scope view is current, a user will see his availability to each day in a current week:

     If the scope is changed to Two Weeks, Month — Weekly, then a different view will load.

      Learn More about Workload Indicator and 2 more Activity Timeline feature to maximize your team performance.

Issue Panel

       Issues Panel consists of a set of JIRA tickets. By default, it shows the tickets that are assigned to the user that is currently logged in and those that are not resolved yet.

     Save your time with the system which by default groups the tickets by JIRA projects. Each blue bar corresponds to a JIRA ticket.

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