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September 22, 2018
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November 20, 2018

Deadline control: How to never forget about an overdue or expired tasks

The overdue or expired ticket is a task that has not been completed by the needed moment.

From time to time, everyone can have a hard time dealing with tasks. One trick that helps do not miss a deadline in daily work with ActivityTimeline. The fear of missing out something important makes you schedule several notifications on your cell phone, to stick stickers out on your laptop or ask a colleague to remind you about your task. Anyway, you can turn off your notification, didn’t notice your sticker and your colleague can forget about your task as well.

One trick that helps do not miss a deadline in a daily work with ActivityTimeline:

1. Choose a task: Click on a task -> Schedule;
2. Set a due date as a deadline: Due -> Change.

Title of tickets with due dates became bold.

Overdue ticket:

  • An overdue ticket shows up as a number next to each person’s name
  • The task title changes color to red

There are three main categories on the tickets that are considered overdue:

  1. Tickets that have Due Date missed
  2. Tickets that are open and not resolved yet, but that were scheduled in the past (last week/month/year etc.)
  3. Tickets that were scheduled after the due date

Track an overdue ticket:

  • on Overdue tickets pop-up:

On overdue tickets pop-up, you can track the number of overdue tickets, the number of overdue days, drag’n’drop the ticket for a new schedule.

To fix the overdue tickets follow the steps:

  1. Go to Filters tab > Schedule and select Overdue Tickets
    Or select a ticket on the Dashboard or overdue ticker pop-up.
  2. Drag and drop the tickets to the proper period of time.
    → The tickets are rescheduled and are no longer appearing in red color.

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