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June 8, 2022
How to improve Team Workload Management in Jira with ActivityTimeline
How to improve Team Workload Management in Jira
June 22, 2022

Best 3 Resource Management Plugins for Jira in 2022

Jira has proven itself as a reliable product for teams of every type as it provides helpful features and a wide variety of tools. From the very beginning, Jira was considered as collaboration software for technical teams, but now it developed into a much more complicated system that fits different needs. More and more teams need help with not only projects but also with resource management and planning.

We want to introduce you to the best 3 resource management plugins for Jira which are the users’ favorites.


This app is a great tool for technical and non-technical, in-office, and remote teams, as it provides lots of features that are crucial for resource management:

  • Resource planning and Time tracking

  • Task scheduling

  • Team Management

  • High-level visualization of the workflow on both Individual and Team levels

  • Timesheets, Reports, and many more.

ActivityTimeline visualizes all of the processes on the intuitive dashboard including resources (teams and individuals). It also shows who is doing what and when, as well as the resource availability, Jira projects, and tasks, which can be created directly from the dashboard. 

ActivityTimeline Dashboard

Moreover, the plugin gives a possibility of a personal workspace for every user, where he/she can find own tasks and progress updates, request vacation, and log time.

ActivityTimeline Personal Workspace

Detailed representation of the work logs allows users to get a clear picture team’s work. Easy to understand if everyone submitted their worked hours correctly for all required days. Users can approve timesheets and forget about inconveniences.

ActivityTimeline Timesheets

Reporting features are also impressive, the app offers various reports for a better understanding of the workflow. Users can receive information about resources’ workload and work logs, compare expected results with actual execution, and get the project progress overview only in a few clicks!

ActivityTimeline Reports

ActivityTimeline supports integration with other Jira add-ons, namely Tempo Planner, Tempo Timesheets, BigPicture, or BigGantt.

For a closer acquaintance, you may check ActivityTimeline’s page on the Atlassian Marketplace and discover even more useful features for your advanced resource management.

Application is available for Cloud/Server/Data Center.


As it comes from the name, this add-on provides a coherent picture of your workflow. It perfectly suits agile and classic teams with long-term project planning. BigPicture also provides :

  • Visualization of resources, tasks, and projects on the customizable dashboards

  • Gant Charts

  • Task Allocation and Tracking

  • Agile program Roadmaps

  • The Risks Matrix and more.

Gantt charts help to organize tasks in any way you like. Try different views, create, and manage tasks effortlessly.

Enjoy the cross-project updates. Choose one or multiple projects, track their success, allocate resources. The app allows using quick filters in order to save precious time.

With a help of the special resources’ view, users can control whether people are over-, or under-allocated. Prevent risks and work with the big programs and their components.

BigPicture also provides reporting features for advanced progress tracking. Importing/Exporting to Excel or MS Project are available.

For a closer acquaintance, you may check BigPicture’s page on the Atlassian Marketplace and discover even more useful features for your advanced cross-enterprise visibility.

Application is available for Cloud/Server/Data Center.

Tempo Planner

The third plugin in our list was developed for efficient resource deployment and it provides the following features:

  • Resource Planning

  • Task Scheduling

  • Capacity Reports

  • Progress Tracking and more.

Tempo Planner is a great tool for your advanced planning. Users can assign tasks to set the estimates, the app helps to control the execution time of users. It helps with organizing and tracking teams or individuals. The application gives a general overview of the workflow on the dashboard and offers different filtering possibilities for a quick search of the needed resources to complete some work.

Timesheets are not available in this add-on but you can buy them, as the vendor offers a separate add-on for an additional cost – Tempo Timesheets.

Users can get a picture of the resources’ availability, assign tasks, and approve work.

Capacity reporting for getting various insights is quite useful. Reports may be customized to users’ tastes.

You may also check ActivityTimeline and Tempo Planner features comparison in order to get a better understanding of the functionality of both apps.

For a closer acquaintance, you may proceed with the Tempo Planner’s page on the Atlassian Marketplace and discover even more useful features for your advanced team planning.

Application is available for Cloud/Data Center.

Discover more useful utilities for Jira here.

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