Create a Booking or Holiday for Everyone in the Team
June 6, 2018
Tip of the Week #2: How to Change the Planned Start and End Date
June 7, 2018

Advanced Resourse Tracking: Reports in ActivityTimeline v5.4

Insightful analysis and assessment of resource planning is no longer a dream. ActivityTimeline provides its users with a vast amount of reports and makes it real to allocate your resources smartly.

What did we improve?

1. We added a possibility to select multiple teams in Reports to export.

2. Added possibility to track Bookings, Days Off and Placeholders in some Reports:

  • In Team Detailed Workload Report we included Bookings with Project names and Days Off.
    How does it work?
    On Team Detailed Workload Report you can enable or disable a checkbox:
    “Include Non-working days” for Days Off and “Include Booking items” for Bookings accordingly.
  • We added ”Placeholder” in Availability reports.

How does it work?
In all Workload and Availability reports, you can enable a new “Include Placeholder” checkbox. All placeholders will be calculated in the report.

3. We added the Back option into generated Web report.

A user has a possibility to back to the report configuration page.
How does it work?
The user can directly see the Web report and immediately generate Excel Report from the current page.

4. New level of Privacy with Bookmarked Reports.

What did we improve?
We implemented three privacy level of Bookmarked Reports:

  • Private – only current user can view that report;
  • Shared current user and any other Admin/Power user with a link can view that report;
  • Public anyone with a link can view that report.

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