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April 19, 2018
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May 17, 2018

🚀 ActivityTimeline v5.4 Latest Updates: Worklog, Workload and Availability calculation for Jira

Based on your precious feedback we are pleased to announce a huge update. New features that will help to track and log work in Jira, check the workload, and use them for reports, see employee availability.

We’ve just released a new version of ActivityTimeline, which includes absolutely new mode. Check what is new:

👩🏼‍💻 “Worklogs & Workload” mode

This setting is useful when people log work and the remaining time estimate decreases over time.

To reflect proper planning the remaining estimate is excluded and not spread on the past period of time. Keeping this setting will allow people to track their time in a JIRA ticket more precisely.

How it works:

Indicators are displaying people’s actual workload based on tasks remaining estimates in the future and logged hours in the past:

  • PAST: Indicators will display people’s Logged hours
  • CURRENT: Indicators will display people’s Logged hours and the remaining estimate of the scheduled issues
  • FUTURE: Indicators will display people’s Workload based on remaining estimates of issues in the future

📊 Multiple improvements in reports

New changed in reports allows you to:

  • Select multiple teams, all or multiple projects to export in report
  • Include placeholders in Availability reports and bookings with project names and days off in Detailed Worklog reports
  • Added “Excel” icon to web reports to generate Excel version of a report right from that web report page

☝🏼 Other updates

Workload Calculation algorithm options.

There are two ways how a workload can be calculated:

  1. Balance Mode

Balance mode evenly distributes hours for a set period.

For instance, if a task is estimated for 10 hours, and a manager schedules it for 2 days, the system will automatically schedule 5 hours per day for that task

2. Liquid Mode

The liquid mode will help you to plan the workload according to the default involvement of a user.

If a task is estimated for 10 hours, and a manager schedules it for 2 days, the system will automatically put all hours upfront. It’s a move convenient way of scheduling


It is high time to upgrade to the new ActivityTimeline and get all the benefits!

The full release notes: http://bit.ly/2FWTV0c

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