How Activity Timeline Helps to Deal with JIRA Issues and Tasks
October 16, 2017
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October 23, 2017

No extra actions! ActivityTimeline Synchronizations with JIRA/ JIRA Agile

     A properly integrated system simplifies the work process and makes it easy to manage and maximize your team performance. Activity Timeline integration with JIRA and external calendars allows project managers and their teams to work from a single workstation. JIRA issues can be solved and changes can be made with a few clicks rather than visiting multiple computer systems. It.

     Here’s a look at ActivityTimeline’s automatic two-way Synchronization with JIRA/JIRA Agile

     Let’s dive in! 

      Every change in JIRA will show up on ActivityTimeline’s Dashboard (issue title, type, priority, status, assignee, and/or JIRA custom fields for planned start/end dates) and every update to issue on AT Dashboard will be propagated to your JIRA database (assignee and/or JIRA custom fields for planned start/end dates).

     Use Native JIRA Filters

     Configure any filter in JIRA, make it one of your favorites, and use it in ActivityTimeline’s issues panel.

 Quick Access to JIRA interface

     Left mouse click on any blue issue box will open standard JIRA issue dialog in AJAX popup frame. Middle mouse button click (or left click with Ctrl key hold) — will open issue in a new web browser tab or window.

      Read: How Activity Timeline helps to deal with JIRA issues and tasks.

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