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ActivityTimeline as a Resource Capacity Planner for Jira

AcivityTimeline as a Capacity Planner for Jira

Jira resource capacity planning is crucial for project management as it ensures that projects receive the resources they require to achieve goals. Jira is mainly focused on advanced project management & planning but doesn’t provide visualization of resource utilization, you can’t understand the resource availability and workload properly.

Obviously, most users need a capacity planner to fill those gaps. We want to introduce you ActivityTimeline which is a capacity planning app for Jira and of the most popular add-ons in the resource planning area.

What is Resource Capacity Planning?

Resource capacity planning is a process that combines capacity planning and resource planning. Resource capacity planning determines the total available time to complete the work, determines if the company has the resources needed, and then coordinates it in the most efficient way. In the end, you will be able to get a sense of the total team capacity – the total time you can put into the job without overstrength. When you have this information at your fingertips, you’ll start planning. Here you can plan your time and priorities to complete your job within your intended time frame.

Resource Planning and Capacity Planning in Jira

Jira focuses on the planning process and project management part the most. The two fundamental components of the capacity planning process are workload, availability, and forecasted utilization.

In Jira resource planning to track the team’s capacity, and remaining capacity, checking the team’s performance, monitor the individual workload of team members is easier with full visualization. As well as available hours and available resources are much easier to check when all the data is located on one scalable dashboard.

And the big gap in Jira software is data visualization. To know if Jira does the capacity planning and how to do it with a help of a top resource management tool on the Atlassian marketplace read our next examples.

Resource Capacity Planning for Team with ActivityTimeline 

Commonly people are bad at predicting how much capacity they have left, so the app provides numerous benefits as a visualization of the teams & resource capacity, projects & activities.

To track capacity in Jira you can create classic teams, import existing teams, and even create project teams based on the information from Jira regarding people that work on the specific project.

After the setup process, you can prioritize tasks or projects, select them from a backlog, and schedule existing tasks:

or create new ones:

Special workload indicators display people’s workload, so you can easily get an understanding of how much resources are utilized at a given point of time. For project managers, such features are a big time saver.

You can switch between various workload modes to understand the data from different perspectives:

Observe resource capacity at both individual and team levels with the help of a team panel, as every team has a separate workload indicator:

There is a possibility to assign tasks to separate users or to the whole team, the workload indicators are updated automatically by the system:

Our team developed numerous reports for comfortable data tracking. Generate Resource Workload Report to observe the actual/future workload and to prevent people from working over-, or underload:

In a capacity planning report, you can see detailed information about each team member like hours spent on assigned tasks, projects, or team in different variations.

With a help of the ActivityTimeline and its resource capacity planning & tracking features, you can effortlessly see the overall resource availability picture and make a data-driven decision about whether resources can be involved in other projects or not.

Enjoy advanced Jira resource capacity planning and discover more useful tips for team management with ActivityTimeline – find out How to Understand You Estimated Project Incorrectly with Jira and ActivityTimeline?

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