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October 29, 2019
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January 17, 2020

ActivityTimeline 7.3 Release Announcement

Have you heard the latest news?  Activity Timeline has new features!

Let’s not waste time and dive deeper into the recent improvements:

1. Issue Panel:

Added possibility to create sub-tasks for issues on the left panel as well as a new “Epic/Story” field. You may also filter issues by Priority or Release ( FixVersion) as for now.

2. Main Dashboard:

Added support of new additional fields on Issue Card, just choose preferable fields with the help of Configuration tab :

  • Added possibility to clone Placeholders (w/o issue), just hold a Ctrl key and drag the required one:

  • Possibility to specify a time on “Log work” dialog

3. Configuration:

Added new ‘My Teams’ menu for a user, which shows your teams and allows to create new teams directly from the tab :

  • Good news for Agile teams, we implemented Story Point to Hours Conversion Factor per project for your convenience:

  • New Default module view per user configuration in My Account page:

  • User roles management UI improvements
  • Possibility to add a description to Custom Events types
  • Added a configuration to show more than 30 users on Dashboard
  • Possibility to assign Skill to users at Skill Creation

4. Report Module: 

Enjoy a re-designed Reports module UI:

  • New Custom Event Report based on scheduled events:

  • Added support of additional fields in “Detailed Worklog Report”
  • Possibility to Include work logs on Timeline Excel report
  • Allows users to choose past months in Timeline reports
  • A number of other improvements and bug fixes

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