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June 28, 2018
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August 17, 2018

🚀 ActivityTimeline v5.5 Went Live

Check out the latest ActivityTimeline updates. 

What has been improved:

  • Single Sign-On with Jira (SSO) – login into ActivityTimeline without a password

  • Automatic displaying of Project Release dates (Fix Version) on the Milestones Panel after selecting a project
  • Improved User management page to display the number/list of teams a user belongs to
  • New Aggregated Timeline Report that combines issues of the same project
  • Automatically group issue worklogs records per issue/project depending on the timeline scope
  • Added Partial Days Off: part-day non-working time
  • Added Select All/Unselect All issues into Auto Scheduler and Bulk Rescheduler dialogs
  • Added possibility to Log Work on the period of days and on issue parts
  • Added an automatic way to update Issue Parts remaining estimate after a change in Jira

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